Alice Cooper joins Johnny Depp in Anaheim for Duesenberg NAMM party

Alice Cooper looks on as Johnny Depp performs with on 12/24/2015 in Anaheim at Duesenberg NAMM Party

Alice Cooper once again joined Johnny Depp in Anaheim, CA for what is becoming an annual jam at Duesenberg Guitar company’s NAMM party. This year the event benefitted two charities, and the pair played together in the final section of a night filled with great songs for a few great causes.

Starting out the night were Brian Ray’s band The Bayonettes, performing about an hour of original and cover material. Brian has been a staple member


Alice Cooper joins Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson at Duesenberg NAMM party

Marilyn Manson and Steven Tyler soundcheck.  Photo by Kyler Clark - @CerealKyler

Alice Cooper joined Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson at Duesenberg Guitar’s NAMM After-party on Saturday night. The core band consisted of half of Alice Cooper’s band (Tommy Henriksen and Glen Sobel) and half of Depp’s band The Kids.

The guys played two songs before bringing out singer Marilyn Manson for a few. Manson went straight into his hits Dope Show and Sweet Dreams, then ducked into a fantastic cover of 20th Century Boy. Manson finished