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Alice Cooper joins Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson at Duesenberg NAMM party

Alice Cooper joined Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson at Duesenberg Guitar’s NAMM After-party on Saturday night. The core band consisted of half of Alice Cooper’s band (Tommy Henriksen and Glen Sobel) and half of Depp’s band The Kids.

The guys played two songs before bringing out singer Marilyn Manson for a few. Manson went straight into his hits Dope Show and Sweet Dreams, then ducked into a fantastic cover of 20th Century Boy. Manson finished out his set with Beautiful People.

Johnny Depp introduced Alice and the band played 5 songs beginning with a medley of 5 to 1 and The Door’s Break On Thru. The band went on to play I Got A Line On You, Brown Sugar and the immortal Cooper classic School’s Out with a twist of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall at the end.

Alice left the stage only to switch places with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. Tyler came on and pretended to have a sore throat, telling the crowd that he wasn’t really able to sing. Then he tore into an intro to I’m Down surprising everyone. They continued with House Of The Rising Sun, and an incredible acoustic version of Seasons Of Wither featuring Tyler seated with a 12 string acoustic. The band kicked things back into high gear with Train Kept A Rolling before bringing Manson and Cooper back for the finale song – Come Together.

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  • ShadowWolf

    Aw Steven! It’s not nice to confuse your fans! Marilyn, Alice, Johnny, and Steven come together… I’m going to have to go on YouTube.