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Pick up anything good this year’s #RecordStoreDay?

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Just announced! We're bringing the Paranormal Tour to two new cities this October.

10/26 - Pittsburgh, PA (Stage AE)
Info: https://bit.ly/2qPo7Fb

10/29 - Grand Rapids, MI (DeVos Place and DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids Michigan)
Info: https://bit.ly/2F3DezR

Tickets go on sale this Friday ... See more

Watch Alice Cooper Austin, TX Gig Live HERE!

The concert will debut and air live at http://alicecooper.cleeng.com on February 12th at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT. Join the crowds, invite over some friends, and TURN IT UP! This concert is part of Alice’s Raise The Dead Tour, and a unique chance to see Alice Cooper rock the stage from the comfort of your home. The concert is being distributed in High Definition, with high quality stereo sound. The show will air live and will also be available on replays for 24 hours, for worldwide viewing.

Note: The quality of the streamdepends upon your internet connection, bandwidth and processing speed. Read the FAQs at http://alicecooper.cleeng.com for further details and test your connection.

27 comments to Watch Alice Cooper’s 2/12 Austin, TX Gig LIVE HERE!

  • Alice's friend

    We love you Alice and everyone else!!!!

  • Alice's friend

    Please, erase my messages. I am sure that Alice’s Attic and Thrift Store will become a better place. We are all only just human beings, and we all have our faults. I hope to receive my package soon. Everyone is generally very pleasant and polite. We all have our bad days. Let’s enjoy the concerts and Alice’s golf games, and The Christmas Pudding Specials. Let’s pray that all can be forgiven, and that we can improve on our customer service and interpersonal communication skills. Amen. Alice are you praying with us?

  • Peter

    hah, typical, first time i get my booze and decide to drink it (I’m a diabetic like Lemmy now) and this event was ended three days ago.

    You know what I’m going to do???

    Play some Alice CD instead.

    Good man Alice! I might have missed you but others didn’t ’cause you think of the fans as people

  • Alice's friend

    Oh, and Michael, who picked up the phone at your Solid Rock Foundation was rude as well. He was very arrogant and rude. He wants to move to California, and he should stay in Arizona with his immature attitude. I won’t be returning to your nasty State.

  • Alice's friend

    I love you alice; but, Chuck Savale at your Attic and Thrift Store was rude when he charged me for my order of you jeans, and then refused to send them to me, and then he acted like a child and hung up the phone so many times which I can’t count when I tried to work through his bad mood. Now, he has me not wanting to come to your Christmas Pudding nor your concerts. And I thought he was your friend. Gee, I was wrong. What an awakening. Love ya Alice and Sheryl, now that you are retiring, is that what your fans are about, just you making money or do you really care about us also cause Chuck Savale didn’t show a caring nature at all. I won’t be coming back to Arizona. What an awful State.

  • Stan

    This will only be available for 24 hours? I was there live and want to watch the feed….but no time to do so in the next 24 hours.

  • Scott Stevens

    I was there in person and it was great. Saw him the night before in San Antonio and will see him tomorrow night in Houston. Alice just keeps getting better with age.

  • Kevin E

    Will the concert be replayed or available to see again? Was at the show and would love to watch it again.

  • marilyn

    Couldn’t get connected. I was so disappointed!

    • admin

      We’re SO sorry for the stream issues last night. We’re working on some sort of solution and will deliver information as soon as we get it. Trying to find out what happened.

  • Alice's Friend

    I saw Alice and his bands many times, and love him. I also went to his Attic. Unfortunately, The Solid Rock Foundation was closed due to the Christmas Pudding Special which was to open the next day. What a shame. Would love to have a meal with you, Alice.

  • james simpson

    couldn’t watch it at all concstantly buffered with about tenth of a second of play about every minute or 2 , set quality to 360 , still wouldn’t play , now this morning tried the replay and it buffers constantly . I’ve watched the rolling stones payper view a year or so ago , watched the interview pay per view ( the first night it was available ) watched a few other pay per view movies with my setup and normally works fine . I definitely think it was a problem on their end . last night I did get a 503 error about 30 times right at the beginning , so I kept refreshing the page then I got like tenth of a second blips every 2 or 3 minutes . Lowering the quality to 360 had no effect.

    • admin

      There were widespread reports of issues early on and unfortunately some fans not being able to get on at all. We’re looking into the problem, hoping to have some answers today. Thanks for your patience!

  • Ray Lawson

    It is 9:22 and I have not been able to see the video at all.

    • admin

      We did have an issue at the beginning of the stream, however it was fixed and we got reports that the video was streaming fine for most customers. Were you able to see the stream? It will be available on repeat for 24 hours. Believe me it was more than frustrating on our end to have a technical issue and not be in control of fixing it.

  • Jaso W

    Wow server must be packed…. Cant get on to watch the concert

  • john waters

    Thanks for streaming the concert! Long live The Coop.

  • Barbara Hanks

    I would love to see you again & again!!

  • Bob Hanks

    Good to see the Best back in central Texas


    I invite e everyone to watch this historic performance !!!
    Happy belated birthday to Alice !!!
    I attend Genesis Church and volunteer on Tuesday’s with Chuck at Alice’s Attic.
    God bless your entire family “V”— PJ SCHARRER

  • Roger Meadows

    Can I watch this on my play station 3?

  • Hi Todd,

    To complete the story – this event can be viewed using any web-browser connected to the Internet. So you can connect with your computer, or smartphone, tablet, connected TV, etc. Roku is not supported (yet), but you can use also Chromecast (via Chrome) or Apple AirPlay to watch it on the big screen. Find more details here https://support.cleeng.com/hc/en-us/articles/200440836-I-want-to-stream-a-video-through-my-iPhone-iPad-to-my-AppleTV or https://support.cleeng.com/hc/en-us/articles/204624617-I-want-to-stream-a-video-on-the-big-screen-using-Chromecast

    Enjoy the show!

  • todd

    hey , can i watch this on a roku box ?? or is it strictly a lap top thing ?? i am a faithful minion and dont want to miss it

    • admin

      I don’t think Roku has the appropriate app to stream this though the video will be streamed by Cleeng, so it’s worth having a look on your Roku to see if they have an app. I’m honestly not sure and I’ve never used a Roku. BUT, you should definitely be able to watch with any laptop, and with some cables you may be able to connect your laptop to your TV as an external monitor to watch it on the big screen! Also remember that the show will be available for 24 hours in case you miss it.