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Photos from Alice Cooper's post

Thank you @rockinrio, thank you #ArthurBrown (@godofhellfire_actual), thank you #JoePerry (@joeperryofficial)! Photos by @cerealkyler @ Rock in Rio

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Thank you @rockinrio, thank you #ArthurBrown (@godofhellfire_actual), thank you #JoePerry (@joeperryofficial)! Here's Joe on School's Out! Photo by @cerealkyler


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VOTE! Alice Cooper VS the Band: Ultimate Classic Rock

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

This month’s Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame battle has reached the final round, and it all comes down to either Alice Cooper or the Band.

While these two acts don’t have much in common musically, they both earned their place in the rock firmament through decades of touring and recording starting in the late ’60s. After making a name for themselves as backing musicians for Bob Dylan, the Band made its stand-alone debut with 1968′s Music From Big Pink; Cooper arrived the following year, with the Pretties for You LP. They diverged from there, with Cooper pioneering shock rock and the Band hearkening back to traditional song forms with a series of albums that helped lay the groundwork for the Americana format, but they both later enjoyed induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Their journey toward induction into our 100 percent reader-voted Hall of Fame has found both acts defeating strong opponents along the way. Cooper made quick work of Neil Young in the opening round, while the Band crushed Jefferson Airplane; in the semifinals, Cooper squeaked past Bob Seger, while the Band claimed victory over Jethro Tull.

Now which one makes it past the final round? That’s your call. You can vote once per hour until 11:59PM ET on March 2. This month’s winner will be announced on March 3. Be sure to read the official rules.

VOTE HERE: Alice Cooper vs. the Band: Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame Finals | http://ultimateclassicrock.com/alice-cooper-vs-the-band/?trackback=tsmclip

11 comments to VOTE! Alice Cooper VS the Band: Ultimate Classic Rock

  • Brenda

    From what I can tell on my most recent viewing of this poll (now closed), Alice has won! Well, no surprise there!

  • Carrie

    Hey, Alice, I hope you’ll win!

  • Anna

    Alice Cooper is MY IDOL!!! If this guy doesn’t make it into the Hall of Fame I have officially lost all respect for those officials 🙂 Not only is he an extremely talented and iconic singer, but is also a truly nice guy! I met him once and it is my #1 favorite memory of all time!! Rock on Alice, we love you!!!

  • Tim Aebi

    Brenda – you’re exactly right – while the Master of All Rock (and a reeling psycopath)onstage, Alice is the greatest, most generous guy ever. I haven’t met a nicer gentleman. Rock on Alice!!!

  • Brenda

    Alice is still the best, and should win this thing. You gotta meet him – the meet and greet is well worth the price. He is such a nice guy!

  • Mike

    Let’s have some fun Alice fans! Vote Alice – early
    and often. The snobs that don’t ” get” Alice deserve
    a good run for their money. Long live the Coop!

  • Kayla Hall

    WE ARE ALL VOTING FOR YOU EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR!!! LOL. I Don’t know if you have heard of the Facebook group, The Legendary Alice Cooper…but we are promoting this all the way for you!!! 🙂 Here’s to another victory for Mr. Cooper!! We <3 you!!!

  • Perry Bigfoot Layton

    Always been no 1! Met you a number of times. Seen you 12 times in concert. Hey my brother in law bought your Corvette last month. Remember the Coop

  • steve R

    I know I might get killed for my comment but have to say this anyway. I’ve loved Alice since 1973 but, as someone who has spent many year in the music industry I love all kinds of music. Alice has been inducted in as Alice Cooper the band. I do believe his name will come up again. At the same time the Band had been around longer than the Alice Cooper band & deserve their chance as well. The only thing bad is they’re not going to make a live appearance. I think there’s only 2 members left.

    • admin

      Just FYI, this post is referring to the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall Of Fame, which has nothing to do with the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame of which the original Alice Cooper group was inducted.

  • Dan Dailey

    You were the best! We all partied with you! Never met you, but as some album in 73 said: you wouldn’t forget your old pal the ‘Coop. Love you forever.