GIBSON deems Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies Classic Album Of The Month


It’s impossible to overstate how popular Alice Cooper (the original band, not just “Alice” the singer) had become by the time Billion Dollar Babies hit record stores on February 25, 1973. Beginning with Love it to Death, the band’s 1971 breakthrough LP, the group had grown into a juggernaut that dominated the American rock and roll landscape. The sheer chemistry of the band—which featured Michael Bruce and Glen


NWAC.COM – Audio Fidelity releases Classic Alice Cooper Album ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ On Hybrid SACD


Camarillo, CA – Alice Cooper fans worldwide rejoice! Marshall Blonstein’s Audio Fidelity is releasing Alice Cooper’s classic album ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ on Hybrid SACD on February 4, 2014! As a bonus, along with the meticulously reproduced artwork, enclosed in every CD is the very collectible replicated ‘Billion Dollar Bill’

With ’Billion Dollar Babies’, Alice Cooper refined the raw grit of their earlier