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Photos from Alice Cooper's post

Thank you @rockinrio, thank you #ArthurBrown (@godofhellfire_actual), thank you #JoePerry (@joeperryofficial)! Photos by @cerealkyler @ Rock in Rio

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Thank you @rockinrio, thank you #ArthurBrown (@godofhellfire_actual), thank you #JoePerry (@joeperryofficial)! Here's Joe on School's Out! Photo by @cerealkyler


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Schools Out vs Journey Stone in Love in Greatest Summer Song Battle

Alice Cooper‘s “School’s Out” takes on Journey‘s “Stone in Love” in the second round of our Greatest Summer Song battle. Who gets your vote?

Ultimate Classic Rock began this competition with 32 of classic rock’s best summertime songs. The field is already down to 16, and will be cut in half again and again each of the next four weeks by your votes, until we arrive at the greatest summer song of all time.

Cooper’s celebratory ode to the greatest day of each and every school year advanced to this round by laying a severe playground beating on Y&T’s “Summertime Girls” in its first battle. Similarly, Journey’s “Stone in Love (Those Summer Nights)” arrived in the “Sweet 16″ by easily defeating Janis Joplin‘s “Summertime.”

You can vote once per hour in each of the eight second-round battles until voting closes on Aug. 3 at 11:59PM ET. Your choice for the Greatest Summer Song of all time will be revealed on Aug. 25, 2015

VOTE HERE AT ULTIMATE CLASSIC ROCK: Alice Cooper, ‘School’s Out’ vs. Journey, ‘Stone in Love’: Greatest Summer Song Battle

3 comments to Schools Out vs Journey Stone in Love in Greatest Summer Song Battle

  • brett

    Journey Stone In Love

  • Who am I?

    Hey, School’s Out is the best song forever……….School’s been blown to pieces…no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks….out for summer, out till fall, we might not come back at all! Alice wins again…forever!

  • Schools out by far
    See you in Winnipeg
    Like in the movie “we are not worthy”
    Thanks AC you gave me a great high school. (1974-76)