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Thank you @rockinrio, thank you #ArthurBrown (@godofhellfire_actual), thank you #JoePerry (@joeperryofficial)! Photos by @cerealkyler @ Rock in Rio

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Thank you @rockinrio, thank you #ArthurBrown (@godofhellfire_actual), thank you #JoePerry (@joeperryofficial)! Here's Joe on School's Out! Photo by @cerealkyler


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ROLLINGSTONE.COM – Alice Cooper and Joe Perry on Hollywood Vampires’ Drunk History

SOURCE:  rollingstone.com

How two rock legends teamed with Johnny Depp to create an album that paid tribute to Cooper’s old drinking club


Alice Cooper and Joe Perry have every right to be jaded. Each has sold millions of records and chalked up hits over several decades. But their eyes still light up when they talk about the recent adventure they shared, recording with one of their childhood heroes.

Hollywood Vampires

The McCartney session. From left: Abe Laboriel Jr., Depp, McCartney, producer Bob Ezrin, Cooper and Joe Perry.          Photo © Kyler Clark | @CerealKyler


“Paul McCartney just opened up an instrument case and there’s his Hofner, left-handed bass, the most famous guitar in the world,” Cooper says, grinning. “We were standing around it like Indiana Jones looking at it, like it’s got its own light source and our faces are melting over it.”

“I asked him a question about it, and he said, ‘Here it is. It’s OK. Pick it up,'” the Aerosmith guitarist beams. “I actually got a chance to hold it, and it was like the Holy Grail.”

“Paul says, ‘It’s just a piece of wood,’ and starts playing it and I said, ‘Holy crap!'” Cooper rejoins in his typically confident manner. “To us, that bass a symbol of how we started.”

The rockers have been thinking a lot about how they got started in recent years, while they worked on the debut album by Hollywood Vampires, a supergroup they formed with Johnny Depp (yes, that Johnny Depp). Although the record contains two urgent-sounding bloodthirsty originals — three, if you count the intro, in which late horror icon Christopher Lee recites a passage from Dracula — the heart of it is a collection of gritty, hard-edged covers of songs by the trio’s peers and inspirations: the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and more. McCartney happened to stop by Depp’s house, where they were recording, to sing a tune he wrote for Badfinger in 1969, “Come and Get It,” and the album — out September 11th — also features guest appearances by Joe Walsh, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, Dave Grohl, Slash and Perry Farrell, among many others. What they all have in common is a set of musical roots.

“We were both the same age when we started playing,” the 67-year-old, perennially black-clad and surprisingly perky shock-rocker says, gesturing at Perry, who is three years his junior and looks relaxed with a loose, white scarf around his neck. The musicians are sitting on a couch overlooking Manhattan and, though it’s the decidedly un-vampiric hour of 9 a.m., both are sprightly and eager to parse just how all the parts of the project fell into place. “We learned the first two Stones albums, the first two Yardbirds albums, the Kinks,” the singer continues. “That’s how we learned to play and then we invented Alice Cooper and you invented what Aerosmith was going to be from that. Now, when we’re doing these songs, it comes pretty easy.”

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6 comments to ROLLINGSTONE.COM – Alice Cooper and Joe Perry on Hollywood Vampires’ Drunk History

  • Tim Aebi

    Awaiting this album with bated breath – happening soon now! Looking forward to seeing Alice in December! Early Christmas gift to myself!!

  • Pat Paquin

    I am eager to get my hands on the album. I am however bummed that there are only 2 new songs as Alice had stated earlier in interview there would be 6 new tracks. I hope to see a brand new Alice Cooper album sooner than later it’s been 2 long since my last nightmare.

  • This is really great I can’t wait to get my copy of Hollywood Vampires. Thanks Alice, AGAIN!!

  • Bill Koehler

    I’ve listened to Alice Cooper since 1974 and the bunch Paul, Joe P. John,Ringo ,George , The Who etc so though it’s not a Alice Album like I’ve been watching for but a Traveling Wilbury or Old Dogs style one I still am looking forward to it.Long live Alice ,Joe , Bob Segar, Jethro Tull .You get the drift
    lets have some more of the Good Ole Rock and Roll not just what the younger generation calls music.

  • can’t wait 4 album

  • What a fantastic picture. Great article!