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10th Annual Maui NYE Benefit

Aloha & Happy New Year!

Here are photos from the 10th annual New Years Eve benefit show in Maui which Alice & Steven Tyler perform at each year. In the past few years, this benefit has provided over 1 million meals for the Maui Food Bank and helps support the Maui Arts & Cultural Center!

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REVIEW: Hollywood Vampires Raise the Dead in Atlantic City

SOURCE: radio.com

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry of the Hollywood Vampires (Maria Ives/Radio.com)

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry of the Hollywood Vampires (Maria Ives/Radio.com)

By Brian Ives

Twenty five years ago this week, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released their album, Into the Great Wide Open. The video for the album’s title track starred Johnny Depp as “Eddie,” a hopeful musician who moved to L.A. to become a rock star.

The story bears just a few similarities to Depp’s: he, too, moved to L.A. to pursue his musical dreams. A role in a little show called 21 Jump Street and then in the first Nightmare on Elm Street film took him on a somewhat different career path than “Eddie’s.”

It’s a quarter of a century later, and he’s just kicked off a tour as a member of the Hollywood Vampires, alongside Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, two guys he most likely grew up worshiping; last night (July 3), their tour came to Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Borgata.

Ya done good kid!

So, there’s a lot of star power in the Vampires – the touring band also includes drummer Matt Sorum (formerly of Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver and the Cult), and Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo (replacing Duff McKagan, now out on tour with GNR). The group is rounded out by guitarist Tommy Henriksen (from Alice Cooper’s band) and keyboardist/guitarist Bruce Witkin, who was Depp’s bandmate, pre-movie stardom, in a band called the Kids. On paper, it sounds amazing. But how good are they as a live band? And is Depp really a necessary addition to a band that’s already packed with stars (and guitar players)?

Well, first off, Depp’s guitar playing isn’t just a movie star hobby. Joe Perry has told me in interviews how great Depp is, and Perry isn’t really prone to hyperbole. But it’s one thing to hear about it, it’s another to actually see the guy play, and he is a great player, deserving of his spot in the band. Had he never gone to that Jump Street audition, he surely would have been able to be a musician for life (although he may not have been able to buy an island with his earnings). Also – to his credit – he never calls attention to himself, he lets his playing melt faces. To put it another way, he’s the Brad Whitford of this guitar team.


3 comments to REVIEW: Hollywood Vampires Raise the Dead in Atlantic City

  • Jon Ellis

    Dear Alice,
    I love you and look forward to your next show in SLC. Jon in SLC

  • Bob lig

    My son and I were at the Aurora show! Really, anyone that loves rock should see the show ! ( I think the whole state was there yesterday :)))
    But we still managed to get up close !

  • Bob lig

    OMG! That was a awesome show ! Great job guys! Loved ” if you didn’t hear your favorite song,that’s because their not dead yet”,”but when they are we will be hear !” Great line !! Thanks for still being alive and kicking for us : )