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Welcome Sara Bareilles!
NBC #JesusChristSuperstar

Get ready to spend Easter Sunday singing love songs with Sara Bareilles as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar LIVE in concert!

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10th Annual Maui NYE Benefit

Aloha & Happy New Year!

Here are photos from the 10th annual New Years Eve benefit show in Maui which Alice & Steven Tyler perform at each year. In the past few years, this benefit has provided over 1 million meals for the Maui Food Bank and helps support the Maui Arts & Cultural Center!

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REVIEW: Hollywood Vampires honor the dead with a show full of life

SOURCE – syracuse.com

By Katrina Tulloch | ktulloch@syracuse.com 
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VERONA, N.Y. — When three legends take one stage, and one of those legends is Alice Cooper, it’s hard to pay attention to anyone else.

Rock supergroup Hollywood Vampires, featuring Cooper, actor Johnny Depp and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, kicked off their summer tour on Tuesday night (May 24) at the Turning Stone Resort Casino.

At 68, Cooper is the picture of vivacity. He commanded the stage with vigorous vocals, glam rock swagger and full “vampire” attire. (Lestat, not Edward Cullen). His frilly poet shirt was splattered with blood, and despite wearing both a corset and skintight leather pants, Cooper missed no opportunities to gyrate his hips.

Perry, rock royalty dressed in deep purple, seemed to have an endless supply of guitars at his disposal. Around 8:30 p.m., Perry smashed his white guitar and threw pieces of it into the crowd.

It was only the fifth song of the night.

Another white guitar appeared in its place, only to be traded for an orange and white arrow during “Break on Through,” and later, a classic black shredder. He played just as he always has, with razor sharp licks and even a behind-the-head solo on “Stop Messin’ Around.”

Next to the wildly confident Cooper and Perry, global megastar and sex symbol Johnny Depp looked almost boyish.

Dressed in a simple black vest over a collared white shirt, Depp played the right-hand man for most of the show, backing up Cooper’s vocals and Perry’s guitar expertise. With a toothy smile, Cooper played down Depp’s celebrity, calling him “Johnny D from Kentucky.”

But Depp is no Hollywood hack. He showed off impressive chops during “As Bad As I Am” with a picking style to rival Keith Richards. One audience member remarked Depp looked like he could’ve been Richards’ son.

Depp seemed to enjoy taking a backseat to Cooper. He smiled coyly at the massive cheers following his solos, and wiggled his fingers at fans.

That’s important to note: Johnny Depp does not wave, he wiggles. It’s like a little piece of Captain Jack Sparrow never left him. The audience loved it, cheering wildly every time he murmured a “thank you” into the mic.

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  • Tim Aebi

    Alice Cooper conquers the world. But that’s no surprise. And especially given the Vampires and this incredible cast of fellow musicians. I’ll see the Master in SF in October – looking for the Vampires tix in Saratoga – thanks Alice for the great music and times! It just gets better!