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SOURCE: thesalesblog.com

Alice Cooper fan and accomplished business man Anthony Iannarino shares his experience with the Alice Cooper VIP Experience below.  Read his original post here – thesalesblog.com

How to Treat Other People So They Know They Matter

“A few months ago, I took my son to see Alice Cooper. While I was buying those tickets, I noticed an option for a VIP experience, including a meet and greet with Alice himself. Being a fan of his music since I was 13 years old, I splurged and bought the tickets.

Normally, a meet and greet means you get your picture taken, an autograph, and then you’re quickly rushed out of the room so the “star” can get on with their life. This wasn’t the case with Alice.

When we showed up, we were ushered to the front of the stage to watch the band do their sound check. Then we toured the stage and got pictures with some of The Coop’s props. We were told to be at the backstage door as soon as the concert ended, and we were.

Twelve of us were ushered into a room with chairs lining three of the walls, and on the fourth wall was a table and two chairs for Alice. It took a while for him to show up, because he had to take a shower and, oddly enough, eat White Castle. When he entered the room he bragged about being in the White Castle Hall of Fame; they sent him 200 hamburgers and milkshakes for his crew.

And here is where the story gets interesting. The agreement says you get your picture taken with Alice and up to three items autographed. But he provided so much more than that, including a lesson in leadership and gratitude.

One young woman sat next to Alice and opened a bag. In this bag she had three small ceramic dolls. They probably didn’t cost more than $10 each. The ceramic dolls were designed so that the person buying them could paint them however they wanted. She painted them to look like Alice Cooper, his wife, and his personal assistant.

Alice was thrilled. He acknowledged her gift, and asked his assistants to come over and look at the wonderful artwork this young lady did. Then he made the photographer take pictures with him, her, and the small dolls. The young woman who painted the ceramic statues was beaming with joy. Clearly, it was the greatest experience of her life.

Another woman asked Alice to draw a small devil on a piece of paper. He told her that he didn’t know how to draw a devil but he knew how to draw his profile. She said that would be wonderful, and he sketched out his profile with a sharpie. She then told him that she was going to have the profile and his signature tattooed on her leg. Alice, having no tattoos, asked to see all of her artwork. He took a sincere interest in each of her tattoos and asked her questions about each piece. There was no doubt in her mind that she was the most important person in the room at that moment.

One man happened to catch a cane that Cooper threw into the audience at a concert many, many years ago. He brought the prop with him to ask Alice to sign it. Alice said, “I have a special gray marker just so I can sign something like this.” As he was signing the cane, the man asked him why there was black electrical tape all over the cane, suggesting it must be for the grip. Alice told him that it wasn’t for the grip, but for the balance. Then he made the gentleman stand up and he taught him to spin the cane just like he does on stage during his show. It’s impossible to describe the joy this man felt and being coached by Alice Cooper, one of his heroes.

We were backstage with Mr. Cooper for 35 minutes. He was in no hurry to leave. He gave each person’s his undivided attention and focus, making them feel as if they were the most important person on earth. He was clearly grateful for their devotion, and as gracious as I’ve ever seen from any human being.

It was a lesson in leadership. It was a lesson in how you treat other people, regardless of their station in life. It was a lesson in how important it is to give another human being your full attention and focus. I was impressed, and I was schooled by a master.

  • When you are in a room with another person who needs your attention, do you give them your full focus? Or, does the small screen of infinite distractions make the experience less than it should be.
  • Are you grateful for the relationships that you have and are you as gracious as you should be?”


  • David Poulsen

    Agree with you all 100%. Flew to the UK from Australia for a holiday and found out Alice was playing at Plymouth. Booked the VIP experience and drove from London and back for the one night. Was it worth it? Yep. It was the highlight of my holiday. Alice Cooper (Vince) was a true gentleman; every one of us felt welcome and he took his time to be interested. The experience was not about him – it was about us. I couldn’t wait to show my friends the photos. To meet a genuine legend, and see him as the engaging family man he is. Wow. Would I d it all again? Yep. Thanks Alice – come back to Australia soon please.

  • Teresa Kramer

    Alice Cooper sounds like such a great guy. I wish I could afford to cover costs for a VIP experience for my girl!!! I am trying to surprise my daughter Leah with an autograph from Alice Cooper. Long story short …..she loves Alice Cooper. She teaches 5-11yrs old kids. Leah has a saying…a complement for the kids…. “Super Duper Alice Cooper”. This year at the end of school the kids gave her a hand written note that said “When you see Alice Cooper on August 10th tell him he is Super Duper!” The kids bought her tickets to see Alice Cooper in Atlanta Aug 10th…I wanted see if it would be possible to get you to autograph her note from the kids. I know this is a long shot and am pretty sure you guys get tons of requests. I could meet you or your handlers in Atlanta just name when and where. I would mean so much to me and my beautiful daughter.

  • Jack Bennie Gray

    Alice, I will be righting a 25 year old wrong next month. My wife of 20 years shared with me something last week that made my blood “BOIL”! I had known that her father was very abusive to her as a child but what she told me last week sickened me to the point that I had to do something about it. When she was 15 years old…she told her father that she wanted to go to a concert of yours someday. He screamed at her and in a drunken stupor hit her in the head with her brothers skateboard and knocked her out. She woke up in the ER with her mother there with her. She had a serious concussion. Her father had let her lay in the floor unconscious for over an hour before he would let her mother take her to the hospital. He said she would NEVER go to see you as long as he was living. To this day I believe the blow he gave her to the back of her head caused her MS that she now suffers from. Well to get to my point…Yesterday I bought “Front Row, Dead Center Seats to your Tallahassee Florida Concert next month. She Will see you and I will send pictures to her ASS of a Father so he can see that I am making every dream she ever had come true!!!

  • Rich

    That is an absolutely wonderful tribute to Mr. Cooper!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed what and how you wrote it.

    I am a really big Joe Perry fan and, loving the entire Hollywood Vampires cd, Coney Island in Brooklyn I thought might be my last chance to see Joe. I had always liked and respected Alice’s voice and command of a show, so I went.

    I don’t go to many rock and roll shows like I used to, but the live show was as good , if not better than the cd. Alice’s natural showmanship is the antidote to certain people’s affectations on stage. Such a bitter sweet night. To the band’s credit, they soldiered on and persevered.

    All the very best, Alice!!

  • Michel Banen

    Yup – same experience here. The meet and greet I had in 2011 was quick but EVERYTHING I had hoped for, 100% worth it.

  • Nicole

    Hearing all of this makes me feel even more warm and happy toward this amazing man everytime. He is coming near me very soon and with any luck ill be seeing him. Alice if you ever see this love you man!

  • Valerie

    Alice Cooper is a Classic, Seasoned, Super-Talented, Professional Showman, which I noticed Immediately the very first time I saw him live, many moons ago…unlike a number of artists who perform live, including those who’ve performed for years, Mr Cooper Makes Sure he stops at Every Side of the stage Many times, and Stays Put long enough for the patrons to turn on their cameras and take decent pictures, while also appearing to Acknowledge Every single individual along those stops, no matter their age, whether or not they ‘look the part’ of a true fan, etc…Alice Cooper makes All in attendance, and Definitely Every Single Patron Anywhere Near the Front Area, Feel his Appreciation for their presence; for that alone, I Am Truly Appreciative to him, and have attended Every live performance of his within my driving distance ever since! I recently attended two Hollywood Vampires’ Performances, which were Nothing Short of Amazing!! Any person of Any age who enjoys music or theater–young, old, and in-between, would be ‘blown away’ by this tour! My seat was not the best for the first date, but I was in the Front, on His far left Side, for the second date, and, yet Again, Mr Cooper came way over to that edge of the stage, appeared to look right at ‘me’ Many times, for which I am Truly Grateful! Alice Cooper gives ‘His All’, which shows he is Aware of All his blessings from the Lord, and willing to use them to the best of his ability; he, along with those on stage with him, give a Top-notch Performance, and leave the fans with a Truly Unforgettable Experience Every Time! Until we ‘meet again’, May the Lord Continue to Bless you, Alice Cooper!

  • Mike Black

    Kudos to the comments above. This guy is one exceptional human being. I thought I had met “COOL” before until I met him. It did not matter if we were talking golf, BBQ, (which he consistently samples in North Carolina) or telling jokes. (Have you heard the Madonna golf joke? Classic.) He is instantly one of the best friends you have ever had. Of course, he has been a best friend to many of us for many years.
    He will connect with you personally no matter who you are. It is indeed a rare display of character from this true gentleman that you will not experience with other people. Oh, and his band members have certainly followed his example too. Such great people….AND THEN….you see one of the greatest shows to ever hit a stage. Getting goose bumps just thinking about seeing it again. 🙂

  • David B

    Rock On Alice!! Us Sick Things in Little Rock AR sure hope you add us to your 2016 tour with the Hollywood Vampires. My teenage son and daughter and myself would love to get VIP tickets if you can make it. Arkansas Loves You Coop! And I’m not bragging, but I have to be one of your biggest fans and loving your albums since 1972!

  • Tonya Oberer

    I also can speak to his caring nature…my brother has met him a couple of times (once golfing) and said he is a great person.

    Can’t wait to see him tonight at the Fraze in Dayton (best wishes to Joe P.), I have been a fan since I was 8 years old (except when my brother took my baby doll and was “stabbing” it with a knife while dressed like Alice and singing “Dead Babies”…he did a reenactment a few years ago…without my doll of course! I still “Love it to Death”

  • Tim Aebi

    I can attest to the above – I’ve gone back stage several times after the show, and Alice has made me feel special every time. Alice Cooper is a QUALITY person, a great, prolific rocker and performer, and, he LIKES people. He makes you feel special, I think, because he believes you are! Rock on Alice! I love you man! Looking forward to seeing you in Oct in SF!