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Celebrating 46 years of KILLER ūüźć what's your favorite song on the album?

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I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing..


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Submitted by philamonjaro on Thu, 05/18/2017 Р21:14

Written by Lisa Torem: Longtime Alice Cooper fans flocked to Nashville to witness a rare, one-off reunion. Original Alice Cooper band members, guitarist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway and drummer Neal Smith gave guests exactly what they came for, a chance to witness the original Alice Cooper Band members on stage together for the first time in decades.

They performed at the¬†Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall playing a¬†mini-set on Sunday, May 14. The 2011 Hall of Famers joined in for the¬†last several songs of Alice Cooper’s “Spend the Night” concert which¬†is touring through June 24.

The night’s set included the pulsating “Muscle of Love”, “Billion¬†Dollar Babies” the irreverent “School’s Out”, “No More Mister Nice¬†Guy” and the iconic “Eighteen”.

Current Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie substituted for the late Glen¬†Buxton. For the closing song, ‚ÄúSchool‚Äôs Out,‚ÄĚ the original lineup were¬†joined by Cooper‚Äôs current bandmates: guitarists Ryan Roxie and Tommy¬†Henricksen, bassist Chuck Garric and drummer Glen Sobel.

The reunion continued the following night playing to an intimate crowd¬†attending the Music Business Associate’s conference. The set was “I’m¬†Eighteen”, “Under My Wheels”, “Billion Dollar Babies”, “No More Mister¬†Nice Guy”, “Muscle of Love” and ending with “Schools Out”.

The Music Business Association (Music Biz) presented the original¬†Alice Cooper Band and Alice Cooper’s manager Toby Mamis special¬†lifetime achievement awards prior to the performance.¬†Bruce, Dunaway and Smith have also been contributing cowriters to¬†Cooper’s upcoming “Paranormal”, a twelve-track, Bob Ezrin-produced¬†project, set to come out on July 28 of this year (earMUSIC).




  • Rollinponyexp

    I caught the Coop and the band at Hershey Pa. Hockey arena in 1972.. The guys had a lot longer hair and they were a little younger. So was I. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. All the guys looked like they were having a great time. Can’t believe I couldn’t be in Nashville. Shit ! Well maybe next time. Rock on !

  • Great review. I was also at the show at the Performing Arts Center. I’ve seen Alice five times now and this was my favorite. Seeing him with the original band was definitely worth the price of admission and my long drive from Central Kentucky. Once the curtain came back up and revealed Michael, Dennis, Neal and Alice a few seconds later, I believe my heart skipped a beat. The only thing that could’ve made the night better was if I had gotten the chance to meet Alice, but all of the meet and greet were sold-out. I did, however, get to meet Ryan and Nita after the show as they left – both of them were super nice.

  • D.F. /Stone

    We had the best time ever–this was a brilliant idea! Love both bands, so glad I got to see them all onstage together!