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Review: Alice Cooper can still wow an audience (Leader-Post)

Alice Cooper in concert at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina, SK on Nov 07, 2013. Photograph by: Don Healy, Regina Leader-Post

Alice Cooper in concert at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina, SK on Nov 07, 2013.
Photograph by: Don Healy, Regina Leader-Post

(Original article by Christopher Tessmer, posted to leaderpost.com)

Celebrating his 50th anniversary in music, legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper wowed an enthusiastic crowd Thursday night at the Conexus Arts Centre.

Known for theatrics that predate modern shock rockers like Marilyn Manson, and even David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character, Cooper opened up his tickle trunk of horror on this evening and left the crowd completely satiated.

While the theatre was filled significantly less than capacity, with nearly 10 rows of empty floor seating and the balconies near-empty, the Michigan-born singer and his band took the stage under a shower of sparks. Initially dressed in a red and black vertically striped suit with tails, the gaunt showman ignored the underwhelming attendance and treated his adoring audience to hit after hit and a nearly non-stop spectacle.

Although the sound guy struggled with reigning in the proper levels for the first couple songs, things finally took off as the boisterous crowd sang along to the anthemic chorus of his 1973 smash No More Mr. Nice Guy.

The show really started to hit its stride as the more theatrical portion of the show commenced during Welcome to My Nightmare. Though Cooper had swung faux money into the crowd during Billion Dollar Babies, and threw plastic pearls out during Dirty Diamonds, the macabre stage show the rocker is famous for had now truly began.

As the band played He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) a hooded prowler kidnapped a girl on the stage and threw her over his shoulder, only for her to break free backstage and then be chased again by him across the stage with a knife in his hand. Continuing with Feed My Frankenstein, Cooper was strapped to a vertical operating table near the end of the song, only to be covered with fog as sparks flew as a switch was thrown to electrify the table. With Cooper having disappeared, the band was joined by a 15-foot Frankenstein who paraded across the stage floor.

Amid Cooper’s character seemingly starting to lose it, the 65-year old entertainer was put into a straitjacket by a psychotic nurse (played by his real-life wife Sheryl) who danced around the stage as he sang Ballad of Dwight Fry. Temporarily out of his restraints, he attacks two hospital workers before being subdued and led to the guillotine where he is beheaded as blood sprays onstage and what is to be believed is Cooper’s head is paraded around by the guillotine operator.

Now dead, Cooper is brought to a Hollywood Cemetery where an ominous voice tells the crowd that the rocker will spend eternity with his dead friends


11 comments to Review: Alice Cooper can still wow an audience (Leader-Post)

  • Curt Slater

    I’m 66, He’s 65. Loved the concert at the Abbotsford Entertainment Centre, BC, last night. The band could not have been better! Drummer, bass, and three lead guitars including a long haired blond rock waif goddess! Just about sold out beer permitted at you seat. No smoking of course. This event brought me back. Best concert in a long time.

  • sharon warden

    The Alice Cooper concert in Cranbrook was 110 percent-

  • Rick Devlieger

    The show in Fort Mcmurray was excellent! saw Alice in 76, wind storm took down half the speakers,he played on like a real trooper in the cold and the rain , great entertainer who I always felt was underated.Too many great tunes to list,no doubt one of rock and rolls treasures.

  • Laura Neudeck

    WOW! What another amazing show in Regina. I purchase a VIP first time and then forgot everything i wanted to say .:-( … what an amazing man and talented artist! I took my kids to this show.. I have now created 2 more minion’s lol.. my 12 year old so. Is determined to meet him the next time he comes through.. I am sure a proud Mama!

  • Bill Koehler

    I’ve seen 3 Alice Cooper shows.Lace and Whiskey,From the Inside and Raise Your Fist and Yell.I enjoyed them all and would have liked to gone to a few of the recent ones.Reason I didn’t was the price of tickets.I don’t have parents to pay the high price and I have bills that have to come first.Be it Alice or Bob Segar or Jethro Tull tickets above 25.00-30.00 is to high.

  • Sharon Searer

    I love Nights with Alice Cooper!

  • patrick myers

    Fort Mcmurray show was epic!!!!!!!!Alice Rules!

  • Rocky A Land

    Hi Mr. Cooper,
    I just saw on the news the story about the young boys who won the Christmas Pudding event you put on each year. I just want to say Thank you. I’m a FREE guitar teacher and I think it’s great to help young people along any way we can. I just celebrated 50 years of playing Gospel music and I’m presently recording a 50th Anniversary instrumental album of the old Hymns we don’t hear in Church much any more. I listen to your radio show on KSLX almost every night. I wish you all the best and may God Richly Bless You.
    Thanks Again

  • Cant wait for your return from the dead in Michigan!! I will be seeing my 41st show! VIP VIP VIP!! Alice, I sure hope you can sign my complete vinyl collection. It took me almost 40 years to complete it!!! timpsickthing@gmail.com