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Billion Dollar Babies Billfold | Alice Cooper Store

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Sick Things 🐍


FINAL_AD_MATwAC4Alice Cooper will be performing at the following recently announced dates on Motley Crue’s “The Final Tour”:

10/28 – Madison Square Garden in New York, NY

11/22 – Spokane Arena in Spokane, WA

Alice is NOT performing at the recently announced 10/18 show at the Seminole Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL.

Alice Cooper fan pre-sale begins tomorrow for Spokane and Thursday for New York, details below!

10/28/14 Madison Square Garden in New York, NY

Pre-sale tickets: 2/27 10am – 2/28 10pm

Pre-sale ticket link: http://www.ticketmaster.com/dodge-presents-motley-crue-the-new-york-new-york-10-28-2014/event/1D004C578CAC4636

Pre-sale password: SICKTHINGS

*VIP packages onsale too tomorrow! http://meetalicecooper.com/

 11/22/14 Spokane Arena in Spokane, WA

Pre-sale tickets: 2/26 10am – 2/28 5pm

Pre-sale ticket link: http://tickets.musiconelive.com/ordertickets.asp?p=5070

Pre-sale password: SICKTHINGS

*VIP packages onsale too tomorrow! http://meetalicecooper.com/


  • roxanne burden

    Really,Alice? Only 4 items signed for $500.00?we already get pushed through like cattle.Some of us do NOT sell our collections on ebay.

    • admin

      Quite honestly this is a loose rule at best. When there are 30 people waiting to meet Alice, it really slows things down and is unfair when one person brings their entire collection. When there are a handful of people there’s no problem with taking more time. Alice will sign anything you hand him, but it’s really about the VIPs being courteous to each other.

      We never had a “limit” before, though we tried to encourage mutual respect among the VIPs. Unfortunately some people are very greedy and bring 50 things to be signed which takes up a lot of time. Without going into too much detail and boring you, the tour is on a tight schedule. The bus has to leave at a certain time. So Alice’s time is limited, not because he doesn’t want to be there. But because he can’t stay for 2 hours.

      Imagine you paid $500 for a meet and greet – a lot of money for anyone and Alice UNDERSTANDS this. You go in to the room to meet Alice with everyone else. The first person in line has a huge stack of things. Alice is very casual and likes to chat while he signs. Because of this, his direct time with Alice takes up more than 5 minutes alone. There are 30 other people waiting who also paid $500. Now imagine you are the last person in the group to meet Alice, and you have brought a handful of items to be signed. Alice signs them, but is quickly finished and your time with Alice is under a minute or two. Wouldn’t you feel cheated?

      The idea is to be fair to everyone and we always judge the group based on the number of VIP’s. If there are a lot, we have to try to keep things moving so everyone gets fair time with Alice. If it’s a small group, it’s more of a hang and Alice signs and chats with everyone and tells stories.

      I never lead anyone out of the meet and greet until they feel they have gotten what they came for. I am not there to police and protect Alice from contact with fans. I am not there to ruin your moment. I am not the enemy. I am there, in fact, specifically to document your moment with a quality camera and to make sure everyone gets a fair crack at a once in a lifetime memory. I go out of my way to make sure everyone gets what they want. And we certainly don’t push people thru like cattle I can tell you that. I would say that the VIP experience with Alice is much more personal than most.

  • Michelle

    Will Alice be coming to the UK with this tour or his own tour or festival? We missed him last year and would love him to come this year.

  • Just got my VIP for the DTE show!

  • Kieron Green

    Are you coming to the uk with this tour???
    It would be ace!!!!


  • michael mckee

    Thank You Alice, see you in Spokane baby

  • michael mckee

    ALICE COOPER in SPOKANE SIC………… we are so excited to see you ALICE…….PLEASE ROCK GOD’s let me get good tickets tomorrow at 10:00, so totally amped. FIRST COMMENT Dude