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GRIM FACTS - 1969 Alice Cooper Whisky A Go Go Shows with Led Zeppelin and Buddy Miles


Los Angeles, January 2nd – January 8th 1969

A young Alice Cooper band begins a run of shows at the Whisky A Go Go with a freshly minted Led Zeppelin.

The first night at the Whisky was only Zeppelin’s fifth show in the United States.  In fact, Led Zeppelin’s self titled debut album was not to be released in the US until the following week on January 12th, and the group was almost completely unknown save for Jimmy Page’s pedigree with the Yardbirds.

Alice said of the stint, “I think we ended up flipping a coin before the shows to see who would go on first… That’s how unknown we both were.”

After January 5th, Led Zeppelin had to pull out of the shows due to several of the band members coming down with the flu.  Alice Cooper continued the string of shows  thru the 8th of January with Buddy Miles Express.

4 comments to GRIM FACTS – 1969 Alice Cooper Whisky A Go Go Shows with Led Zeppelin and Buddy Miles

  • Dan Hutchens

    The famous W a go go
    I have followed Alice cooper
    From when I played the famous SCHOOLS OUT Album
    I am a life long fan and used to pretend I was the drummer.
    Used to set behind my cardboard box set of drums and play and sing as if I was really there.
    Got to warm up for Grand Funk Railroad,and some other cool things
    But will always dream of anytime I could be where I belong
    Playing for the performer of my dreams

  • Kate

    Way cool just about sums it up. I first saw Alice in concert on the Welcome to my Nightmare tour in 1977, Brisbane at Festival Hall. I was a young teen , and my depressed best mate and depressed self decided we would prefer to live permanently in an Alice Cooper show. The stageshow was brilliant especially for a 70s world tour, with full theatrical set and costuming. I saw a clip of Alice in his spider costume not so long ago. I still love Alice’s reflective sober music, too. Picked up an Alice compile cd to add to my Alice set recently at a market n heard a few numbers from dear ol Dad’s collection not heard for years. Takes ya straight back. Especially Never Cry. Salutations Maestro Alice.

  • Tito -McDowell Mountain

    Stealing a signature line from the late, great Stuart Scott of ESPN.

    Coop is “cooler than the other side of the pillow.”

    They used to call Jackie Gleason ” The Great One”.

    Wrong !!!!

  • Domenic Vitanza

    That is way cool, I would have loved to seen that show but hell I was only 2 years old in 1969.