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A Paranormal Evening

Tickets on sale now for A Paranormal Evening with Alice Cooper ☠️

EXCLUSIVE - Super Duper Alice Cooper Trailer

AliceCooper.com is proud to present the exclusive worldwide debut of the official trailer for ”Super Duper Alice Cooper”, a documentary by Banger Films coming to theaters this spring!
sdacThe following is a brief synopsis of the film from IMDB:“Super Duper Alice Cooper is the twisted tale of a teenage Dr Jekyll whose rock n roll Mr Hyde almost kills him. It is the story of Vincent Furnier, preacher’s son, who struck fear into the hearts of parents as Alice Cooper, the ultimate rock star of the bizarre. From the advent of Alice as front man for a group of Phoenix freaks in the 60s to the hazy decadence of celebrity in the 70s to his triumphant comeback as 80s glam metal godfather, we will watch as Alice and Vincent battle for each others’ souls. The film is the first ever ‘doc opera’ – a dizzying blend of documentary archive footage, animation and rock opera that will cement forever the legend of Alice Cooper.”

For more info on the film visit:

25 comments to EXCLUSIVE – Super Duper Alice Cooper Trailer

  • […] He’s got a new documentary coming out: “Super Duper Alice Cooper.” […]

  • Pete Fedas

    I can’t wait, been a fan for a very long time (1971)

  • Emily

    I would so LOVE to see that movie if comes to Australian cinema.Would be so awesome

  • […] The official trailer for the new Alice Cooper documentary, Super Duper Alice Cooper, has premiered on YouTube and at AliceCooper.com. […]

  • Wow this will be SO good. Will this be released on DVD in the UK??? Can’t wait.

  • John Zyss

    Awesome trailer, itll be as grand as all the earlier Alice Movies!!! You keep us Sick things waitin and still want More and more.Rock on.

  • Tim Aebi

    OMG!! This will be FANTASTIC! My Lovely Alice, as one of your 40+ year minions, I look forward to our next meeting in July! Can’t Wait! The GREATEST performer in Rock History! There is no other! Can’t wait for this film! A fitting tribute!

  • Brenda

    I can’t wait for this! Kudos to the film producers! Alice certainly deserves some recognition on film, since he is the greatest performer of the past century. Our local theater probably won’t have it, so I’ll have to watch for it in other towns within driving distance. Hopefully, this will come out on DVD quickly!

  • todd

    got my ticket to see Alice in Wichita this June .. Go see him if u can.

  • Ralph

    American spring – that would be Australian autumn im guessing _ next few months?
    Cant wait! I have been a fan since 15 (40 years ago).

  • john youngman

    Great to see some classic coop 70’s clips I haven’t seen before or bitz from my huge collection but in higher quality! I can’t wait to sit and take this all in…… Brilliant stuff!!

  • nitch

    Finally a cool looking doco , with fantastic footage……

  • Bruna

    Yeah, great news!!

  • Ian Daniels

    Buying it as soon as I can and will have it signed in Wichita in July

  • James Dean

    Always good to see a Alice Doc. Hopefully it come with a lot of “never before seen” stuff. You know the music will be great. A true Legend!……J.D.

  • Alice Cooper is the greatest rocker ever,been an alice fan since 1970,seen him last year here in ohio and he just rocked the house down,nobody like the coop.love you coop,keep on rocking,your the god father of rock.

  • koen

    And hopefully he comes back this summer as well, seen him a lot, I’m a fan from when I was 12, and that’s more than 40 years ago …

  • Sharon S.

    I am so looking forward to the debut! It will be wonderful to watch and reflect upon Vincent’s / Alice’s journey to become the best Vincent and the best Alice he could become.

  • niels kuiper

    the marilyn manson of his times !!
    just freak out !!

    • OldSkhool

      Alice Cooper is the Marilyn Manson of his time?

      No.. No… No!

      Alice was the FIRST, and as far as I’m concerned.. the ONLY!

      The character and image that Alice Cooper created took many, many years to evolve, and anyone else who has tried to do what he originated is just a copycat, INCLUDING Marilyn Manson!

      The ONLY reason that Marilyn has come as far as he has, is because of Alice Cooper. If there was no Alice… there would be no Marilyn.

      Marilyn Manson owes his entire career to Alice Cooper, and I’m absolutely positive that almost every single person who reads this will wholeheartedly agree with me… INCLUDING Marilyn Manson!

      Cheers! 😀

    • darrell

      What is a Marilyn Manson? A cheap knockoff. The poor mans Alice Cooper

  • niels kuiper

    this is a good film ! love the energy in it. the testosteron level HH

    good to see alice in his shock days !!

  • vania

    When it comes out?

    • koen

      Hey Vania,
      It comes out this spring, as said at the end of the trailer; can’t wait !!
      But I’m living in Europe, so hopefully it comes out here as well, or on DVD, as I have nearly everything from Mr. Cooper.
      With my greats !!

  • Jordan Strang

    Wow I cant wait for that to come out ROCK ON COOP 🙂