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REVIEW – Columbus, OH

The following is an review excerpt from the Columbus, OH show with Motley Crue and Alice Cooper!


As for Alice Cooper?  Well, what’s to say? The main is a genius, a legend and a hero who could easily coast on his laurels — but through charisma and hard work instead remains one of the most vital and exciting stage performers around. His opening set was absolutely incredible. The band was awesome, his voice was marvelous and his stage presence simply perfect. For each song he’d choose one simple prop — a cane, a sword filled with dollar bills, a straightjacket — and use it to further flesh out what’s already one of the most impressive and underrated collection of anthems in rock history.

Every wag of his finger, every step, every vocal inflection had a purpose and accomplished that purpose exactly as designed — showcasing his three guitar players, pointing out the serious social commentary underneath the ghoulish humor of his lyrics, or accentuating a drum fill. I know this sounds like a fanboy writing his first concert review (or like Alice kidnapped my child), but anybody who was there can tell you that’s exactly how well this all went down. You’d be a fool to miss out on any chance you get to see Alice Cooper live — who knows, one of these days even he may say goodbye!

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  • Reel Cromulent

    Same was true in Irvine. Alice and band were stellar! Hope they headline soon in SoCal/OC. Brilliant set!