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Billion Dollar Babies Billfold | Alice Cooper Store

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Sick Things 🐍


“While it benefits from a wide-screen production from the studio legend Bob Ezrin, the music is otherwise exactly like Alice’s legendary early work!”– 4 out of 5, Kerrang Magazine, UK

“An ace slice of modern metal theatre.”– 4 out of 5 – MOJO Magazine, UK

“Exciting, sarcastic, playful, hypnotic and theatrical. Paranormal has it all!”– 8 out of 10 – Aardschok, NL  

“Coop can still do it! Very contagious, melodic rock music from a musical giant!”– 7,5 out of 10 – Rock Tribune, BE

“Alice Cooper is America’s Most Beloved Villain” –  AXS, USA

“‘Paranoiac Personality’, a straightforward rocker about conspiracy theorists that, in this age of Infowars and Louise Mensch, resonates that much more.” – Consequence of Sound, USA

“‘Paranormal’ shows that even though Cooper might be nearly fifty years into his career, he is still creating brilliant albums that hold his name right up there with the best in the business.’ – 4 out of 5 – Heavy Mag, Australia

“Alice Cooper is 69 years old, still laughing under his make-up and does not intend to retire at all!” – 7,5 out of 10 + album of the month – Classic Rock, Italy

“A collection of stories of discord between the “normal” and “paranormal” that spells out another masterpiece!” – Japanese Metal God “Masa Ito’s” TV show

“There are brilliant songs on the Paranormal album. At a time when so many bands are retiring, it’s great to see that Alice Cooper is at the peak of his powers”. – Roadie Crew Magazine, Brasil

“Album of the month” – Custom Machines Magazine (Aug issue), Spain



  • hafsteinn halldorsson

    I´ve been an Alice fan since ´71. This new album (like most others) doesn´t disappoint! F””’g good melodies, top lyrics (as usual) and a class A+ production from Bob Ezrin!
    AND REAL LIVE VOCALS from Alice! What more can you hope for in this lousy computerized music today? You can´t! F””” A+++++

  • Album is absodamlutely amazing! Got the LP’s [blood red] & box set today. Since 1971 Alice has NEVER let me down & this album has classic Alice all over it. Still loving him & his amazing sideways music style to death. He never fails to ‘rock the house.’ Thankyou once again Master.

  • D'ablo Bicasso

    I haven’t missed a release since you hooked me back as a boy in 73. Absolutely love the album and the return of the original band especially. I’ll be seeing you at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield MA on the 27th, courtesy of your tour mate; Ian Gillan. Met you back in 96 @ WBCN in Boston, Mark Parenteau was the DJ; would be fantastic to see you again, I’ve been working on some artwork (Nightswithalicecooper published one I’d done of you Special Forces era, your autograph on my newest would make my day.
    Again, congrats on the new release. In a world: Classic

  • your acuteness

    Got me the vinyl and the cd. Went home put both to stand on a table so I can watch them than, took Pretties For You and Easy Action from 50 years back out and listen to them while watchin the new.
    When both LP’s were finished than, I put the new album on and….WHAMM, BAMMM, THANK YOU MAM’EM!!! BLAST!!!
    Listened to it 5-6 times in a row and couldn’t wait for today doing it even more often again!!!!

    Such a brutal f***** great piece of great music!!!!

  • Michel Banen

    I SO love this album and it’s artwork ! Got me the white vinyl 7″, the 2-LP, the deluxe CD box with T-shirt and tickets to see Alice 3 times the next months 🙂

  • Love the Cd Buy it now go get it Go!!

  • Hello
    You are amazing.
    Your new album is amazingly good.
    I love it.

    Best regards Annette.