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Just announced! We're bringing the Paranormal Tour to two new cities this October.

10/26 - Pittsburgh, PA (Stage AE)
Info: https://bit.ly/2qPo7Fb

10/29 - Grand Rapids, MI (DeVos Place and DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids Michigan)
Info: https://bit.ly/2F3DezR

Tickets go on sale this Friday ... See more

Alice Cooper will headline Metalfest Open Air 2014 Czech Republic



We proudly announce that we´ve just signed the greatest artist in the history of Metalfest Pilsen so far! After last year’s monstrous production of King Diamond, the Lochotin amphitheatre, where the festival takes place every year, is ready for another exceptional show!

The greatest attraction of this year’s festival is long awaited gig of musician and singer, who has been active in a world of rock, hard rock and heavy metal for over fifty years – the legendary Alice Cooper! He´s been remarkable for almost everyone, due to his incredible repertoire consisting of 26 studio records (at least half of them are golden, many of them platinum) as well as outstanding “theatrical” scene. Alice Cooper is currently very successful and his music is still very popular as proofed by his latest record (sequel to his debut “Welcome to My Nightmare“) which is Alice Cooper´s the most successful album since the time of his “Hey Stoopid” (1991) .

Be part of it, when the night falls down in Pilsen and hits such as “School ‘s Out“, “No More Mr. Nice Guy“, “Poison” or “I’ll Bite Your Face Off“ will sound over the amphitheathre. List of artist of the 5th annual festival has expanded to a huge name of American rock/metal – Alice Cooper – at Metalfest for the very first time! Get your ticket (for only 42.- EUR valid up to the end of January) HERE

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