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Alice Cooper takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, calls out Motley Crue & Johnny Depp!

Alice Cooper accepted Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge live in front of a sold out audience tonight, 8/20/14 in Virginia Beach! Alice called out his fellow tour mates Motley Crue and friend Johnny Depp!

Alice also offered to auction his American Flag stage shirt and his post ice bath robe to benefit ALSA.org!  Will Motley Crue and Johnny Depp accept the challenge?

Find out how you can help at ALSA.org!

30 comments to Alice Cooper takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, calls out Motley Crue & Johnny Depp!

  • Daniel B

    Johnny Depp was already challenged once and to my knowledge, didn’t do it.

  • bernie greer

    yes motley crue did as they did it already

  • Mandy Campbell

    Alice you are a star I wish I had the thousands that your shirt and robe will go for xxxxxx much love frm the UK xxxx

  • Kathy

    This was so awesome to see you take the challenge..
    You have a big heart plus this was cool to watch..
    I just can’t get enough of Alice.

  • Cheryl Bonavia

    Wow that was very nice of him hope they raised alot of money

  • Paige

    Motely Crue did the challenge the same night after the show. The Crue called out Kiss.

  • Steve Turnbull

    Cold Alice, Cold, Cold, Alice!

  • Richard Rucker

    Way to go, ALICE! Just another reason I’ve been a fan for 40 plus years! You are very inspirational and you gotta love that Alice is not as evil as you think! I love ya,alice! Keep on rockin’!

  • Joseph Braun

    Way to go Alice! I love that you did it in front of an audience. What better way to draw attention to such an important cause. Much love to you Alice.

  • Heather

    I hope Johnny Depp accepts. I would Love to see it!!

  • Lisa

    Thank you!

  • Caza


  • Den

    Hmmmm maybe Motley will do it at my show on Friday, but it’s more than 24 hours.

  • I think what he’s doing is awesome!! If all metal heads and actors as well would follow the example set by this man maybe finding a cure would be funded immensely, and a cure would be easier to research and find!! I’m a longtime fan and really impressed by his generosity to such a worthy cause. My aunt passed away from this dreaded disease so I can sympathise with anyone that suffers from it. Thanks s Alice!! 🙂

  • Brenda

    Good for you, Alice! You are always willing to help out others, and this is just one more example of meeting a challenge. You are the man! I will have much to thank you for when we meet in November!

  • Great for Alice Cooper always loved his style & flare. Totally cool how he took the ALS challenge phenomenal

  • Zillah

    Go Alice!! Yes, Motley Crue did accept the challenge last night. Alice put on an AWESOME show here in VB!!

  • denver

    hello I think this is great what yall are doing . my name is Denver and I am from tx i was to do the als bucket challenge . so hee i go you can find me on face book

  • Katey

    Your little dance after they dumped the water on you. I have to do it twice. Both my teams were nominated so I have to do it again today. Anyways, hope to see you in Macon! <3

  • vany

    hehehehhehhe awesome!!!!! Fantastic Alice!

  • Robert Webb

    Alice Cooper that was classy for accepting the Challenge God Bless

  • Just soooo Awesome ,,,Alice and soooo frigging. Frigid what everyone is doing for such a Great cause for Charity to see the World come together like this….

  • Crystal Muller

    Awesome !!! Iove it 🙂

  • pati

    thats awesome 🙂 wish he would of done it weds in pbgh where i saw them!!!! u both totally rocked !!!

  • i wish i was there to see the concert and that was cool to see alice to did that for als . well done guys

  • Misty Fenstermaker

    I think that was freaking awesome! Can’t wait to see Motley Crue do it!

  • John Kotronis

    That was the coolest! You had up to 3 to nominate! The 3rd ones, should have been KISS!! No one has called out KISS as of yet, to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.