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Just announced! We're bringing the Paranormal Tour to two new cities this October.

10/26 - Pittsburgh, PA (Stage AE)
Info: https://bit.ly/2qPo7Fb

10/29 - Grand Rapids, MI (DeVos Place and DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids Michigan)
Info: https://bit.ly/2F3DezR

Tickets go on sale this Friday ... See more

Alice Cooper Special Guest on Motley Crue Final Tour


Today MÖTLEY CRÜE held a press conference in Los Angeles announcing the break up of the band.   Also announced at the press conference was the bands final tour ALL BAD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END – THE FINAL TOUR with Alice Cooper as a Special Guest. NOTE: ALICE COOPER IS NOT PERFORMING IN HOLLYWOOD, FL WITH MOTLEY CRÜE

The Band arrived to the press conference via a New Orleans style Funeral Procession and signed a binding “Cessation of Touring” agreement to prevent future, unauthorized touring – the first band ever to do so.   In other words, this is your last chance to see the band live.

Alice Cooper fans can purchase presale tickets beginning on 1/30/2013 using the code “SICKTHINGS”.  VIP ticket packages will be made available to the general public on Thursday, January 30th at 10am local time.

The general public ticket on-sale for most shows is Friday, January 31st.  All tickets can be obtained via Ticketmaster.com http://www.ticketmaster.com/Motley-Crue-tickets/artist/910417, LiveNation.com  http://www.livenation.com/artists/41479/motley-crue.

NOTE – All of this news actually caused such a swell in traffic to AliceCooper.com that it literally killed our web server.  We have removed the need to be a member for the time being and have suspended membership temporarily.  Sorry!

Official Motley Crue Press Release below:

26 comments to Alice Cooper with Motley Crue on Final Tour

  • Brenda

    Finally! The tour schedule and VIP pass availability came up yesterday, so even though I already had my concert ticket ordered, I also ordered the VIP pass! I’m finally going to meet Coop!

  • snomusic

    I wish Alice would get back to Oregon!! Especially with this band. – PLEASE come to Oregon! He hasn’t been here since 2005 on the Dirty Diamonds Tour! The Hult Center in Eugene is perfect – I’ve been on the stage – there is room for his show there.

  • James Dean

    Still having problems with on line purchases. 1.) Ticketmaster “Submit Order” button remains un-responsive. I called the phone order # to get seats for Moline and the Rep seemed to be annoyed to search for seats and didn’t seem to care about the on-line issue, transferred my call to customer service, but I got the automated survey instead! Thanks a lot TM. 2.) The Des Moines show routed me to a “music one live” website (same one I was able to use for KC the other day), But it said “No events scheduled at this time”. Guess I’ll try that one later as well.
    Gee, come to think of it, I’ve never had such a hard time getting someone to take my money. (Ha!)….go figure.

  • Debra Joan (Reed)Saylor

    Wish Alice would. Go it alone he’s always. Awesome. .

    caught. Him Halloween 2010 , Johnstown, Pa took 4 people hat was a nitemare!! Would die 2 c him Portland , Ore.miss his Radio gig from Pa. A forever Fan (like 40 yrs)

  • Wish it was just Alice touring alone. The pre sale didn’t work and when I tried to get tickets this morning the only available tickets were 550.00 each. Bummer. Will miss my Alice fix this year. I’m assuming this is the only tour Alice is doing this year. Sigh.

    • admin

      We’re aware of the frustrating availability of tickets in the presale… Equally frustrating from our standpoint

  • Wish it was just Alice touring alone. Pre sale did not work and the only tickets left this morning were 550.00 each. Bummer. Will miss getting my Alice fix this year in Connecticut

  • Shoe Salesman

    Can someone stop working on the Obamacare site and get this one working?

    • admin

      Is there an area that you’re having issues with currently? Yes, we did crash during the announcement, though there should be no more issues at this point.

  • How does one purchase the Alice Platinum VIP ticket?

  • James Dean

    The “Submit Order” button doesn’t respond for the Moline show either!@…….for cryin’ out loud!!!!! W T F people?

  • todd in wichita

    best bet is to do it the old fashioned way . get in line early at the box office of the venue you wish to attend . next best is pounding the 1 800 number or local box office phone number . call the venue now to find out best path . screw stubhub

  • Jim

    Why or Why must we buy a Motley Crue Fan Club Membership just to see Alice. Me thinkith BIG RIP OFF by the Crue!

    • admin

      You do not need a fan club membership with Motley Crue to see Alice. There is no requirement. If you wanted to purchase tickets on the first day of presage, then you would need a Motley membership, but the second day of presale (yesterday) was for Alice’s fans and they were able to use SICKTHINGS for the majority of shows. That’s not to say that this process was easy for our fans, there were definitely some issues, though they are really out of our control as this is not our show.

      • Brenda

        So far there is no listing, on this website, of the Alice/Motley Crue tour schedule, so how do I go about ordering the VIP meet and greet pass! I need it for Moline, IL in November! Don’t want to miss my chance. Thanks!

  • Dwight Frye

    Is Alice joining them in Syracuse Oncenter or not? We are getting mixed messages and don’t want to miss out.

  • You’re right – thank you! I was able to get in at 10:00 a.m., but no good seats left. I couldn’t tell if the platinum seats were for Alice Cooper or Motley Crue – they didn’t specify – so I didn’t purchase them. Is there a distinction between the Alice and Motley platinum seats? Or do they include meet and greet, photos, etc, with both?

  • Coopkitten

    Was able to get pre-sale for the show in Greensboro, NC with “sickthings” but not for the show in Louisville, KY. Grrrrrr.

  • There is no option on Live Nation for an Alice Cooper presale. I tried the code “SICKTHINGS” in both upper and lower case – no luck. DARN! Can you help us Alice fans please, with the presale?

    • admin

      What time is it locally for the show you’re looking to purchase? Our code should be activated at 10AM local time.

  • ShadowWolf

    Motley Crue will be missed. I’m not a big fan, but I like some of their music and I think I can go. Alice will help them go out with a bang!

  • James Dean

    I sure hope things go smoothly tomorrow when I try to buy tickets for SEVERAL shows. It seems like every time the web design changes, I go thru problems with tickets (user name, password)…..Oh yeah…….I hope the Crue folks left us SOME seats.
    The ones on stub hub are posting some beyond stupidly high prices.
    Here’s to holding out hope for some Alice solo gigs.
    ……..just sayin’

    • admin

      James, if you have any questions regarding the ticket presales or VIP upgrade packages, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service at VIP@onelivemedia.com or by calling (877) 717-5816 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CT).

      • James Dean

        What a CLUSTERF(..well you know)…..No decent seats left (I knew that was going to happen)…..The final “purchase” button would not respond for the Birmingham show, so I missed out there……then I just tried to get 2 lawn tix for Indy and the it kept trying to add a Motley Crue fan club membership to my order!—WTF
        Not to mention, all of my computer time doing all of this today was done on my break time’s at work! (Thanks for all of the useless screens and captcha nonsense!)
        Guess that’s the way things go nowadays. Why even do a pre-sale really.
        ………Just sayin’……….Geeezz what a headache.

        • admin

          Believe me you’re not the only one who had issues with the presale. We are not in control of the presale process, we can only deliver the information we are told will work. Many people were able to order with no issues, though some were not. And yes, the ticket selection was limited for the presale. Understandably frustrating.

          • james Dean

            …Thanks for understanding. I plan a lot of my summer traveling for Coop shows. Three went thru no problem but then I kept hitting road blocks. I really did expect to have issues, it’s just kind of frustrating. I’ll try again today and see what happens. J.D.