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cooperstownAlice Cooper threw an early Christmas Party for 150 under privileged children over the weekend at his downtown Phoenix restaurant Alice Cooper’stown. Alice and his family served food alongside fellow KSLX Radio DJ Mark Mayfield and staff from both Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock and the Salvation Army.

Coopers’town has hosted the annual event for 12 years in partnership with the Salvation Army and Bank Of Arizona, and this year Coop’s Nights With Alice Cooper affiliate station KSLX held their annual toy drive there as well.

Local sports mascots and celebrities helped take the event to the next level, and the entertainment came to a close with a spectacular finale dance performance by kids from Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock.

Both FOX 10 News and CBS 5 were covered the event. FOX 10 News posted the following video to their website:

FOX 10 News – Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV


  • vania

    Alice got a big heart! For this we love you!

  • grazy

    happy new year to you and all the family and friends , Grazy from Italy

  • Helena Cooper

    God bless you, dear Alice, your family and friends!Kisses from Brazil! We love you!

  • Cool

    what about the free rock concert? haha just joking. good to see he is not selfish, i mean, he is not keeping all his money for himself. keep out with the good work alice

  • Sherry

    Now that is rock and roll class!! I love you Alice…and Sheryl so blessed to have met you sweet lady and Alice twice I call it blessed 🙂 and so is what you are doing, I love it! No one does that anymore but you show them Alice what a real classy, caring rock star is.
    Bless You, Sherry the redhead in TN 🙂

  • Victor

    Ezekiel 25:18
    “Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.”

    That’s not actually from the Bible, but somehow it seems appropriate. Alice Cooper just keeps getting better.

  • Elena

    Merry Christmas Mr. Alice Cooper! God bless you and your family! This is so great that you help this kids!

  • virginia

    I am a fan just surfing the site and saw this heartwarming article on how Alice, his family, and others helped the underpriviledged at Christmastime.. I am very impressed, i met Alice after a concert at Verizon Theater, Grand Prairie, Texas about three Halloweens ago. He talked to me and my boyfriend after the show, and we both thought Alice was a good man, fun to talk to. we were begging autographs behind the building in the dark! This gracious act of helping the poor proves Alices goodness! God bless you, Alice, and your family. And those who cared to help. I will always be a fan, especially after seeing your graciousness in action to those in need,-Virginia, Mineral Wells, Texas.

  • stan_in_usa

    Alice has more class in his pinky than most (not all) musicians have in entire bodies.

  • jason

    godbless alice cooper he do stuff like this win he lived in oak park

  • Merry Christmas Alice! What an outstanding service that you have provided to the community! Have a wonderful New Year!

  • Hi Alice,
    we still have an album to write,”Alice Cooper Goes 2 Hell”
    Or have you Forgot???

    I’ll be in touch in 2014, contact TIM at Area 51.

    Have a great Christmas & a happy New Year.

    Ken Digweed.

  • We need more people like Alice Cooper on the planet. His perspicacious insights are as musically refined as they are trenchant. Rock on!

  • I might not have money right now to buy my almost 15

  • carrie king

    Thanks for caring!

  • Brenda

    Thank you, Alice, for your heart of gold. You have done do much for others, and your reward in Heaven will be great. A blessed Christmas to you and your family!

  • Mike Castle

    Alice Great job,it is great to see all thee smiles on the kids faces and to see a community come together to better the Christmas season for these kids

  • Jan Townsend

    You are a great guy, what you and your family do is wonderful, keep on rocking, wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year .x

  • just the nicest guy!! great performer the older he gets!!

  • bill Latorre

    Love ya Alice!!! been a fan since 1 was 13 and im almost 50 now.. and I love what you do now! merry Christmas to you and your own !! 🙂

  • Brendan Castle

    The Best!

  • Doug

    The God father of shock is also a sunday school teacher got to lover him

  • CJ

    Just seen this from Australia and it is heartwarming…God bless you Alice Cooper and Merry Christmas. I agree with Honora, just wish more people who are in a similar, fortunate position to be able to help others would follow Alice’s example – imagine how great the world could be if we did. Like Arnie said – “Giving back to your country or to your State will give you more satisfaction than anything else”

  • Susan Speakman

    You are awesome Alice. Thank you so much for helping these kids. I have always like him and knew he had a kind heart. God Bless You Alice and Family

  • Thomas Machaczek

    What a wonderful event… I heard Alice for the first time in 1973 when I was 9 years old. Since he is a part of my life. Wish ya and your family a Merry Chrismas.
    Greetings from Germany and God bless you!

  • perry putt

    rt on Alice you always been a rt on dude seen you in LA think it was the forum your the man Alice

  • Bob Rome

    Awesome! I can hear someone saying “Well done good & faithful servant…”. Been a fan since the 70’s – 1st concert Billion Dollar Babies. Pitch-forking babies, chopping his own head off & singing No More Mr Nice Guy! (But he really is a nice guy!). Golf Monster was one of my all time favorite books. Merry Christmas Alice & Family!!!

  • Audrey Annette Self

    You give me yet another reason to totally admire you sir.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for the once
    In a lifetime evening with the concert here in Santa Rosa.Ca.

  • Christine (UK)

    What a gentleman. I’ve loved the music for decades but now have a much deeper respect for the man. Please return to England soon, make a stop in Hastings on the South Coast and I’ll buy you a cup of tea in the Carlisle Pub. Thank you Alice Cooper. A legend in your own lifetime and a gentleman to boot. An inspirational role model indeed.

  • manuel domingos

    God bless you. You are the best!

  • Denise La Rochelle

    This is one of the many reasons I have admired you throughout your career. You really do care, and give back to the community and the kids…you are a wonderful man and I truly hope one day I get the pleasure of meeting you and shaking your hand!
    If you are ever up in Peterborough, Ontario…there is always a home cooked meal for you and your crew!

  • Julie Guthrie

    I’ve been a fan of Alice for over 30 years, and I finally got to meet him in Tacoma in November. He is a gentle man, well spoken, and shows a kind interest in each one of his fans. He and his wife Sheryl give so much to their local community at their own expense, and I am proud to have his autograph tattooed on my arm.

  • vicki roosen

    God Bless You Alice Cooper!and crew for doing this.I always knew Alice had a heard of gold

  • linda

    ive always liked Alice Cooper and this is just one more thing added to the list

  • alice and his family are so awsome to help out the less fortunate, and alsp helps out the community hes not just a rocker he helps thers he has a large heart you and your family are so cool helpimg out others, i love you all blessings to all have a wonderful christmas and a great new year.

  • robert

    That is a very awsome thing to do Alice ,thank you

  • Brenda DeRicco

    Gotta Love Alice! Merry Christmas Grandfather of shock rock!

  • you are a good guy and always have been.god bless


    I HAVE ALWAYS LIKE ALICE COOPER, WELL AT LEAST SINCE HIGHSCHOOL BACK IN THE 70s, and to know this is what he does now and has been for over 12years, is heartwarming, wish more rockers would do the same, or rappers ect…

  • Kevin Wright

    Merry Christmas Alice Cooper to you and your family you are all awesome wholesome Americans God Bless!