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Wet night last night in #ElPaso at the 95.5 FM, KLAQ Official #StreetFest! Off for a few before our next show in Spain, see ya there! Photos by CerealKyler Photography

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Quick dinner at @alicecooperstown before heading out for El Paso!! Who's coming tomorrow night?! Photo from last night by @cerealkyler

Playing Live: Deinze, Belgium - Dec 5 at BRIELPOORT https://t.co/NxkofbKw1n

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Alice Cooper Reunites Original Band for 2017 UK Tour

Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith will tour UK with Alice in November 2017

On May 14th, 2017 following Alice Cooper’s customary execution via guillotine on stage at his Nashville concert, fans were treated to something rarely seen since 1973. The stage went dark and original band members, bassist Dennis Dunaway, guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer

Neal Smith reunited to perform a five song mini-set of their classic hits with Alice.

This followed the recent announcement that his forthcoming album – Paranormal, out July 28th on earMUSIC – will include two new recordings written and recorded by the original line-up (“Genuine American Girl and “You And All Of Your Friends”).

Now, Alice announces that the three members of the original Alice Cooper band will join him on tour in the UK, returning to these shores 46 years after they first shocked and enthralled us on their historic 1971 tour.

In Nashville, they were joined by current band member Ryan Roxie filling in for the late Glen Buxton on guitar. The band ripped through “I’m 18,” “No More Mr Nice Guy,” “Muscle of Love,” “Billion Dollar Babies” and then closed with “School’s Out,” bringing back current band members – drummer Glen Sobel, bassist Chuck Garric, and guitarists Nita Strauss and Tommy Henriksen for a grand finale.

Original Alice Cooper Band Reunites in Nashville, TN. Photo by Kyler Clark – CerealKyler Photography

And they enjoyed it so much that they decided to bring the show to the UK.

Alice says, “When the original band broke up in 1975, there was no bad blood. There were no lawsuits — we had just burned out the creative process. We had gone to high school together and had recorded something like five Platinum albums in a row. We were never out of sight of each other for 10 years. Everybody just went their own way. Neal, Dennis and I always stayed in touch. Mike disappeared for a while and Glen Buxton passed away in 1997, which was a big blow.

“But last year Neal called me up and said, ‘I have a couple of songs.’ I said great, bring ‘em over. Then he said Mike was stopping by, so I had them come to my house and we just worked on a few things for a week. Then Dennis called up and said, I got a couple songs. So, I thought, hey let’s do this! When you listen to the record, it just fits right in.”

The next logical step is to rekindle their friendship, doing what they do best – performing as one the greatest live rock bands in history.

Original Alice Cooper Band Reunites in Nashville, TN. Photo by Kyler Clark – CerealKyler Photography

For more information visit www.alicecooper.com

Alice Cooper, plus The Mission and The Tubes presented by AEG live in the UK, November 2017:

11th – Leeds – First Direct Arena
12th – Glasgow – The SSE Hydro
14th – Birmingham – Barclaycard Arena
15th – Manchester – Manchester Arena
16th – London – The SSE Arena, Wembley
General admission ticket prices*
*excluding VIP packages
Alice is offering several VIP packages at
www.alicecooper.com, including meet and greet and a backstage tour.
AEG Live are offering pre-show packages, available at:

26 comments to Alice Cooper Reunites Original Band for 2017 UK Tour

  • Markus Hirsch

    One thing for sure: All the Alice Cooper fans around the world want to see “the most hated band in the world” again together on stage!!! So let’s hope that it will not only be UK, but for the whole tour in fall 2017!! Austria is also waiting for you!!!
    Hello! Hooray! Let the show begin, I feel ready!

  • Doc San

    Will be waitin’ for you fellers when you play the U.S.! Woo Hoo!

  • Donita Raypholtz

    Please come to the USA!

  • Anton

    Hi! Me and my friend will see you guys live in Gothenburg in July, I wrote to the venue about VIP and Meet & Greet but they told me to look for it at your page but didn’t find any. Is there any way to get a meet and greet or VIP at Alice Coopers show at Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden?

    Wish you all the best!

  • Alice won’t you come back to Louisville ky we need you

  • Scott Stevens

    Come back to Texas! You whetted our appetite with the Good Records show in 2015.

  • Mick Penny

    why not bring the boys to the Dublin gigs on the 8th and 9th,get to see the City and experience a small part of the Irish way

  • Rich

    Hey Keep it going when you return back to the States, specifically the Philly area show.

  • Thorleifur Asgeirsson

    Harpa Reykjavik is ready

  • Michael McManus

    Oh my god I’m so thrilled, I’m going to the Manchester gig on the 15th November, two days after my 60th birthday…what a great present, thank you Alice and the guys, 🙂

  • Too bad it isnt in Paris…..

  • Bob Kay

    My birthday gig just got incredibly better!

  • Sogi

    Vince… I first saw you in the maryvale park, playing with the Spiders. Is this the same musicians?

  • Jonny Billion

    What is with Germany? With or without Neal, Dennis and Michael ?

  • Frank Niesen

    Probably we are not allowed to enter UK because of Brexit. What´s about coming to Cologne ??

  • And Australia to Please Please

  • Troy R

    PLEASE TOUR THE US!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please please please.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    Not Wembley again!! Impossible to get to and from there on public transport from outside London.

  • Kevin E Kelly

    Fillmore East June 12 1971, My first concert at 15 years old. We had no idea who Alice was and when they opened the show it became clear that the lead singer was not a woman. The drummer had very long straight blonde hair so we thought maybe that was her 😉

  • Alice, you have to play in America! Come to NYC!

  • David

    I am soooooo thrilled. I saw them the first time around (snuck out from school!). This is AWESOME news.

  • Steve Mac McLennan

    AWESOME !!! Sick Things UK are in for a real treat. You’re gonna love it…to death !!! My partner and I travelled from Australia for the Nashville shows…MIND BLOWN !!!
    Surely some warm ups in Australia would be totally appropriate.
    Luv, frogs and ZAZZ !!! mac

  • Michel Banen

    What about the rest of Europe…..?