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Thank you @rockinrio, thank you #ArthurBrown (@godofhellfire_actual), thank you #JoePerry (@joeperryofficial)! Photos by @cerealkyler @ Rock in Rio

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Thank you @rockinrio, thank you #ArthurBrown (@godofhellfire_actual), thank you #JoePerry (@joeperryofficial)! Here's Joe on School's Out! Photo by @cerealkyler


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Alice Cooper to release Live From Wacken DVD/CD

SOURCE:  Ultimate Classic Rock

Alice Cooper‘s Aug. 3, 2013, concert at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany, will soon be available for mass consumption. ‘Raise the Dead – Live From Wacken’ will be released on Oct. 21 as a CD and DVD combo.

Featuring 22 songs — including covers of the Doors‘ ‘Break on Through,’ the Who‘s ‘My Generation’ and Pink Floyd‘s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ — the DVD spotlights Cooper’s legendary stage show, complete with the famous guillotine. In the above video released to promote ‘Raise the Dead,’ Cooper describes how the concert was conceived to be a three-act musical, with equal parts comedy and horror.

“We’re not going there to say, ‘Gee, I hope you like us tonight,’” Cooper says. “We’re going there with the attitude of grabbing ‘em by the throat and not letting ‘em go.”

‘Raise the Dead – Live from Wacken’ is the first offering of a new series comprised of performances from the Wacken Festival. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Wacken Foundation, whose goal is to supporting the growth of new hard rock and heavy metal bands.

‘Raise the Dead – Live from Wacken’ Track Listing

1. ‘Hello Hooray’
2. ‘House of Fire’
3. ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’
4. ‘Under My Wheels’
5. ‘I’ll Bite Your Face Off’
6. ‘Billion Dollar Babies’
7. ‘Caffeine’
8. ‘Department of Youth’
9. ‘Hey Stoopid’
10. ‘Dirty Diamonds’
11. ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’
12. ‘Go to Hell’
13. ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)’
14. ‘Feed My Frankenstein’
15. ‘Ballad of Dwight Fry’
16. ‘Killer’
17. ‘I Love the Dead’
18. ‘Break on Through’
19. ‘My Generation’
20. ‘I’m Eighteen’
21. ‘Poison’
22. ‘School’s Out’ / ‘Another Brick in the Wall’

13 comments to Alice Cooper to release Live From Wacken DVD/CD

  • Mark

    Please release this on blu-ray! This show deserves the best treatment and a blu-ray would be a much superior viewing experience.

  • Brett

    Wacken came out on dvd and featured 2 of Alice’s songs however there is online an avo session of alice and the band

  • Terry Martin

    can’t wait. Alice’s live offerings on cd lately have been a little hit and miss, but for the most part, this track listing looks great. the live show, as always, incredible. had the pleasure of seeing Alice live several times, most recently in Belfast with Def Leppard on the bill (though not meeting him in person, sadly). i’m especially thrilled with the inclusion of He’s Back (having been brought up on Alice during Constrictor and Raise Your Fist). but why House Of Fire and Dirty Diamonds. so many better tracks. still, i know every Alice fan will have their favourite songs, and if Alice played every song in his catalogue it still wouldn’t please everyone. roll on Oct 21st.

  • Elijah

    Is The Vinyl Coming Out For It As A Boxset?

  • Alex

    The “Raise The Dead” Tour was the first Alice Tour I’ve been on (sure won’t be the last) and it was just pure magic. There really was something in the air. One of the greatest show’s I’ve ever seen and a night I’ll always remember. Really glad it’s coming out on BluRay now! Can’t wait!

  • Roxanne

    Can’t wait for the release!! Alice…you are such a terrific performer. Saw you last night in concert in Allentown, PA. Truly an amazing individual and performer.

  • Dan

    If I am not mistaken that show is already out on DVD

  • Richard tracy

    Looks good….I”ve seen cooper two times in St Louis both awesome shows…his band is as good as he says. Same band members as the upcoming DVD..disappointed it was filmed out- side and no brutal planet. When the DVD is released. I”ll be in k.c. For judas priest and I live in St.Louis Missouri..

  • Frankenhooker

    I can’t wait to have it! I also can’t wait for the new covers album, I hope it comes out very soon!

  • Emily

    would love to get the DVD/CD how awesome is that.

  • Brenda

    I can’t wait for this! I’ve been wondering when another concert DVD would come out. I was actually hoping that the Rock and Classics shows from this past winter would come out on a DVD, but this will be excellent, too! Now, they just need to put the 1975 TV special, The Nightmare, on DVD, and all will be perfect!

  • Scott A Baker

    I have been extremely fortunate to have seen Alice well north of 50 times. My first ever concert was “Billion Dollar Babies” April 9, 1973 and I have never looked back. Cooper has delivered on every level every time. There is no performer out there who gives the fans exactly what they want. There is no way you walk out of that show not being entertained. Alice is reinventing himself every album, every tour, he is the consummate performer. If you have never seen him you’re missing one of the greatest spectacles in rock history. Not to make comparisons but outside Alice and the Rolling Stones nobody out there brings it like they do. See for yourself, I dare you.