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Alice Cooper Preps for Motley Crue Summer Tour With String Of Michigan Solo Dates

Alice Cooper hit the ground running last night in Manistee, MI with the first of 3 solo shows to warm up before joining Motley Crue in Grand Rapids, MI for the first date on The Crue’s final romp, the “All Bad Things Must Come To An End” tour.

Last night’s sold out show marked the addition of Alice’s new guitarist Nita Strauss, who had been rehearsing with the band for a few weeks prior.  The band sounded incredibly tight and well oiled, and Nita showed the crowd why she was chosen out of many to fill this much coveted spot with Alice Cooper.  Check out some of these shots from @RealAliceCooper‘s Instagram feed!  Photos by Kyler Clark – @CerealKyler

Tour Dates:

5 comments to Alice Cooper Preps for Motley Crue Summer Tour With String Of Michigan Solo Dates

  • rich gardner

    Saw the show in Noblesville, In last night. Alice Cooper was by far the better of the two bands. All the hits non stop and the band was tight. would travel just to see Alice Cooper again. GREAT SHOW.

  • Tracy

    Alice rocked the Van Andel Arena last night…sorry Motley fans but the coop out rocked even you guys! It was awsome!

  • Joann piechotte

    Sitting on the dock just watched alice cooper rock the bay..fantastic preview show…I would recommend this show…totally worth it…Alice we are on 10 a…liberty marina..right next to the stage…come have a seat!

  • James Dean

    Great show last night in Manistee. Had front row but that didn’t mean much to the venue, anyone was allowed to rush the barricade. What’s up with that?….anyway,.. Nita definitely has the chops that fit with the rest of the band. Her style is completely different from Ori, and I think the fans will warm to her quickly. I certainly have. Bay City tomorrow night will be great fun as always. See you there.

  • Lala

    We saw the show in Manistee, Michigan at Little River Casino last night. AMAZING. For being the age he is, just remarkable that he still puts on such an amazing theatrical show! I’ve been to many, many concerts and never saw one like this. The props, actors and actresses in the show even – just great job! You could clearly see a lot of time and effort has been put into this show and they will do a fantastic job opening up for the Crue! Thank you for visiting beautiful little Manistee!