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Just announced! We're bringing the Paranormal Tour to two new cities this October.

10/26 - Pittsburgh, PA (Stage AE)
Info: https://bit.ly/2qPo7Fb

10/29 - Grand Rapids, MI (DeVos Place and DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids Michigan)
Info: https://bit.ly/2F3DezR

Tickets go on sale this Friday ... See more

Alice Cooper on TMZ talking about crazy fan mail

Check out this video of Alice Cooper on TMZ talking about the types of fan mail he receives.  TMZ caught up with Alice in LA this week while he was in town recording his new album and doing press for his upcoming tour with Motley Crue.  TMZ asked him about crazy fan mail, of which Alice receives plenty!  Alice shared his favorite… or LEAST favorite… See for yourself!

Check it out at TMZ’s YouTube

21 comments to Alice Cooper on TMZ talking about crazy fan mail

  • John

    I saw Alice twice….both were awesome. Once in Puerto Rico in 1972, a festival by the beach….so fantastic. Next at the Baltimore Civic Center, maybe 1973….so big and showy…dramatic. His dental drill and giant toothbrush…and the giant balls in the audience….awestruck, I was.

  • Oh yea,lousyspelling aside,see you at dte.Getting another VIP pass so have your pen at the ready,love to Cheryl and family

  • Happy 66 th.In Sanctiary you said yoy’d probably have a heart attack before yoy were forty.Lucky for all your loving fans,you lied.

  • Alice, I’ve been a fan since 1970. I’ve seen four of your concerts in Pittsburgh, PA – I enjoyed them sooo much! You are the greatest!!!! Thank U for all the years of Great Shock Rock. I’ve loved every song that U have ever done! Thank you for just being you. Don’t ever change. I’ll still be listening to U even if I’m 120 years old!!!

  • bkonyves

    Happy bithday, Alice! And, may your music live forever right next to you! PLEASE COME THIS SUMMER TO ROMANIA!!!

  • Bon anniversaire Alice . I cant wait to see you again on stage.

  • ShadowWolf

    Crud, I was to late. Cuz I wasn’t on the website on Feb 4th. darn. Happy LATE birthday Alice.

  • Daved

    Happy Birthday! Looking forward to August 16 ATL!!!!! ROCK N ROLL FOREVER!!!

  • Elaine

    Happy Birthday Alice. Wishing you all the best.

  • Happy B-day Alice Cooper cnt wait for u to Rock the house in Wichita ks

  • white tail bail bonds

    Happy birthday Alice cooper Rock the house in thereJuly for us in wichita ks. See u there

  • Leo Samarillo

    Happy b day, Toronto remembers the Coop! see ya in August!!!

  • Happy Birthday Alice!

    Today is also my nieces Birthday, I always told her she was lucky to have the same Birthday as you!

    Are you allowed to get gifts from fans? I am a seamstress and want to make you something, but have no clue where to send it. Also you know my brother from back in the day, he lives on Oahu and is the Executive for Clear channel Radi.

  • Woofy

    I witnessed your show in about 1973 in lawrence Kansas, still remember the head turning back and forth after the gilloteen. Can’t wait tell August to see you again,been to long. Always been a fan.

  • Vera

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Wish you a great health, optimistic mind and a lot of new albums!

  • Carol

    Happy Birthday, Alice! Love, Carol

  • Tim Aebi

    HAPPY B-DAY ALICE! Looking forward to July at Shoreline!!

  • James Dean

    Speaking of Birthdays……..hhhmmmm,lets see, today is February 4th…oh yeah,..
    Have a good day. :>)

  • Dean Brant

    Happy Birthday ! See ya at the Hard Rock in Fla.

  • Marissa

    My father played Alice cooper for me as a kid in the 90’s. I’m 23 now with a son and I hope Alice comes back to Huntington, Wv very soon so we can share our love of his music with Clay (our son). Thanks for awesome music!

  • mike

    Alice cooper was my very first concert on my birthday to boot and on a Friday the 13.