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Alice Cooper proves tough act to follow at Ak-Chin Pavilion but Deep Purple manage

Great to be home in Phoenix last night!

Check out azcentral's review here - http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/music/2017/08/15/alice-cooper-deep-purple-ak-chin-pavilion/561656001/

It can't be easy following what Alice Cooper has to offer, but Deep Purple did their best with a mixture of classic-rock staples and dazzling chops.

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See YOU in Albuquerque tonight! Photo by CerealKyler Photography

The day has come! Listen to my new album Paranormal on @Spotify here - https://t.co/HzH3oKXy4v

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Alice Cooper makes his way onto NHL Ice!

Alice Cooper dropped in at the Arizona Coyotes NHL home game this evening to meet up with Coyotes goalie Mike Smith, who debuted his new Alice Cooper mask for the Coyotes’ Retro night.

With the @ArizonaCoyotes to help #MikeSmith scare the puck out of the @VanCanucks with his new mask by @darrigoart! pic.twitter.com/AgGWHwbSQa

— Alice Cooper (@RealAliceCooper) March 6, 2015


Photo by Norm Hall – Getty Images


Photo by Norm Hall – Getty Images

4 comments to Alice Cooper makes his way onto NHL Ice!

  • Carrie

    Hey, yeah!

  • James Dean

    Thanks Tim. You did good yourself, got a heck of a laugh out of it. Hope to catch up with you at a show sometime, but for now……”I gotta get out of here”

  • Tim Aebi

    James, judging by your witty comments, I’m sure you’re the “Life and Death of the party”! That aside, “It’s the Little Things” that make life “Perfect”. That said, give me a shot of “Novocaine”, because quite frankly, “You make me Wonna” hurl.

    Well, not really, your comments were pretty good!

  • James Dean

    Well,…here goes..
    Since the artwork is “from the inside” of his helmet, how is he going to concentrate on stopping the puck when Alice is always “on his mind”?
    …just sayin’…..must be the “man behind the mask”