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Alice Cooper Lends Support To Son Of Lester Chambers

The Chambers Brothers, Circa 1960’s

When I think back to the early days when we first moved to LA, I remember that the first people in LA in 1967 to really take us in were The Chambers Brothers. We ended up living in their basement eating whatever we could find while trying to make our way as one of the many struggling bands in Los Angeles.


Dylan Chambers

I’ve watched Lester Chambers’ son Dylan become a strong voice in getting the astounding amount of unpaid royalties back for his father’s group.  He’s worked hard to preserve his father’s legacy and to collect what is rightfully theirs.

Dylan has a voice of his own and has been creating his own music.  Recently, I was able to see Dylan perform and was really struck by the continuing legacy that’s going on.  ABC News just did a story on Dylan and his crowd funding effort – the article can be viewed here:  http://abc7news.com/entertainment/petaluma-musician-on-brink-of-breaking-out/79101/

I’ve decided to support his cause because without the early support of Lester Chambers and his brothers, my life might have turned out very different.  Dylan, YOUR time has come!

Dylan Chambers is raising funds for his own various projects at http://www.gofundme.com/DylanChambers.

8 comments to Alice Cooper Lends Support To Son Of Lester Chambers

  • Tim Aebi

    Leave it to Alice Cooper to do the right thing. I LOVE this guy! And the music ain’t so bad either!

  • I have known The Chambers Brothers most of my life..and..I consider them family..My late husband..(Bobby Peterson)..from The McCoys and Roy Orbinson..was a big fan of the Chambers and played with them often.Dylan Chambers not only has papa Lesters soulful talent but his sweet and kind manner as well..2nd generation Chambers!! KICKASS!

  • Lynda Jones

    Alice I knew were a great person when I was introduced to you by Dee Parker in Tahoe god what a great weekend. Now old friends are helping the next generation continue their dream. Would love to say hello when your tour comes to our area.

  • Chris Olavsen

    This is such great news for Dylan and Lester.Thank you Alice. As you know they are wonderful human beings with sweet souls and gifted.

    Just ask Alice Feed you head…

  • Mac McCrary

    Alice… My partner, Mike Harper, and I is working to bring the Brother’s back, with Dylan. Will you please give some assist accomplishing this by connecting us with a agent with the interest of conferring to make this happen. As you know, few people step out without a nudge. Thank you.

    Bill “Mac” McCrary

  • I am so glad and happy to hear that, thank you Alice Cooper.
    I have personally met the Chambers Brothers and have heard
    some of Dylans’ music and that is a very great thing you are

    Kathy Rankin
    Portland OR

  • Merrill

    Lester is a very decent man, very friendly and quite humble! He’s a part of what makes Sonoma County so wonderful! The people here are great and the music is fantastic! Makes me proud to see that Lester is a big part of our music scene!

  • Dylan Chambers

    Wow Thank you so much Brother Alice!!! You are the man! It is the ultimate pleasure knowing you and your support is priceless!! Thank you again!! You’re the man!!!

    ABC featured a story on me and it was aired twice!!