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10th Annual Maui NYE Benefit

Aloha & Happy New Year!

Here are photos from the 10th annual New Years Eve benefit show in Maui which Alice & Steven Tyler perform at each year. In the past few years, this benefit has provided over 1 million meals for the Maui Food Bank and helps support the Maui Arts & Cultural Center!

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Alice Cooper Hosting All-Star New Year’s Eve Concert

by Jeff Giles
December 31, 2013 9:32 AM

Attention, residents of Maui: If you’re spending a relaxing New Year’s Eve at home tonight and you find the soothing strains of your favorite Don Ho CD suddenly overpowered by high-voltage rock ‘n’ roll, don’t worry. That’s just Alice Cooper and friends ringing in 2014 the only way they know how.

Cooper tells ABC News Radio that it’s all part of a charity event he hosts every year in order to raise money for a local food bank. “We just kind of like put all the guys on the island together and make up a band,” he explained during a recent interview. “We never know who’s going to be on the island, so the band changes every year.”

“The guys on the island” for this year’s event will reportedly include Steven Tyler, Sammy Hagar and “Weird Al” Yankovic, all of whom will be part of a classics-heavy set that Cooper says will lean on covers everyone knows by heart, like the Beatles‘ ‘Back in the U.S.S.R.’ and the Rolling Stones‘ ‘Brown Sugar.’

And speaking of the new year, Cooper was asked to name some of his resolutions for 2014, to which he responded that his first one is “to be more tolerant of wimpy rock” — a reference to an interview he gave several months ago in which he mocked the softer sounds of bands like the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons as “not rock ‘n’ roll.”

“There’s just so many young bands out there that are so introspective that they’re boring as hell,” he explained. “I want to hear bands that play from their groin, not from their brain. I come from a different era where every band was exciting. You’d go to see Deep Purple or you’d go to see Thin Lizzy or Jimi Hendrix or Cream …Those bands were just great rock monsters, and you just can’t find those guys anymore.”

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