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Alice Cooper Concert Review | Dallas, TX

Alice Cooper performs at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas July 16, 2014. (Nathan Hunsinger/The Dallas Morning News)

Photo By Nathan Hunsinger

Excerpt from dallasnews.com
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Alice Cooper… never posed as a sex symbol or took himself as seriously as the Crue. He’s always been a horror film actor posing as a rock star, wrapped in a magnificent shroud of hooks and power chords.

Still in fine voice at age 66, Cooper commanded the stage with ghoulish glee Wednesday, wielding his bloody crutch like a bayonet and stroking a live boa constrictor wrapped around his neck in “Welcome to My Nightmare.” All the other trademark props were there, too – the straitjacket, the gurney, the guillotine that chopped off his head and the henchman that threw Cooper’s decapitated gourd to the ground.

But Cooper also had timeless music to back up his theatrics, from the propulsive boogie of “Under My Wheels” to the fist-pumping adolescent blues of “I’m Eighteen.” Years from now, when nobody can remember if the Crue sang “Shout at the Devil” or “Runnin’ with The Devil,” a whole new generation of kids will be singing along to Cooper’s triumphant show-closer, “School’s Out.”

7 comments to Alice Cooper Concert Review | Dallas, TX

  • Amy

    I saw Alice Cooper for the first time in Phoenix with Motley Crue. I was amazed by his theatrical ability as well as his entire stage performance. What truly inspires me is his kind heart and dedication to providing music for children. As a music teacher in the West Valley (Goodyear/Avondale), I spent the past year teaching (or attempting to with the gross lack of time available) FOUR K-8 schools; one each quarter. I literally saw these kids between 8-14 class sessions, depending on the rotation at the particular school. Public education isn’t “Broken”, it’s under funded and the arts programs being offered are sub standard. I came from a school district in Illinois that offered a comprehensive program and these kids deserve just as much. The entire state of Arizona is in a crisis due to the lack of arts education. Thank you, Mr. Cooper, for being a voice for the youth.

    Motley Crue; well, they were very loud, aggressive and fun. Not nearly the depth in character or performance that Alice Cooper offered.

    • Tim Aebi

      Great words – that’s the thing that not everyone realizes about this man – he’s a great guy and he truly cares – and proves it every day by giving back to the youth in his community. You’re the greatest Alice. Check out his Solid Rock Foundation – google it and be amazed by this guy. Again, you’re the greatest, in the REAL sense of the word!

  • helen

    Made it to the tulsa show. It was as good as the 60 ‘ s 70’ and thru to 2014. I grew up on alice cooper and the my children and now my 3 yr grandson is hook on alice. And like my self. Are clean and sober for many years. Iam checking to see when I can take my grandson that runs around saying I love alice cooper

  • Emily

    Alice Cooper is still as awesome as ever and always will be.

  • I was there! You, & your band were absolutely amazing!

  • We drove 6 hours to see this concert and we were not disappointed! Great show!!!

  • Carrie

    Hey I miss you for never.