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Just announced! We're bringing the Paranormal Tour to two new cities this October.

10/26 - Pittsburgh, PA (Stage AE)
Info: https://bit.ly/2qPo7Fb

10/29 - Grand Rapids, MI (DeVos Place and DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids Michigan)
Info: https://bit.ly/2F3DezR

Tickets go on sale this Friday ... See more

Alice Cooper Cast as King Herod in NBC’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live!’

Rock ’n’ roll icon Alice Cooper has been cast as the flamboyant KingHerod in NBC’s staged rock concert of Jesus Christ Superstar Live! Also joining the special, which will air on Easter Sunday, April 1, is British theatre director David Leveaux, a five-time Tony Award nominee.

“Alice Cooper, whose theatricality is the stuff of legend, is the perfect rock star to play Herod in our live production,” said Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment. “Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote a showstopping musical number for Herod, and we all look forward to the ‘King of Shock Rock’ taking on the King of Judea. As the casting for Superstar ramps up, we can feel the excitement building for this brand new concert experience of what has long been considered the original rock musical.”

Get the full story on Hollywood Reporter HERE

4 comments to Alice Cooper Cast as King Herod in NBC’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live!’

  • Alice Cooper, you will be amazing as Herod. I’m listening right this very second to you and Ronnie Wood chatting, and you have just done the most convincing Keith Richards impression I’ve ever heard. Smooth! “How long has it been….?” I’ve been itching to do a painting of you strapped into that Andy Warhol electric chair, the band from your brilliant Adelaide show in their own electric chairs too, all bound up together, half terrified, half loving it, with Frank Zappa (get it?) about to flick the switch on the lot of yas at once. Electrifying! Art with shock value! Nita might have to be a nurse, so that she lives. 🙂 But now, my reverie is destroyed. All I can see is you in a toga, sprawled across a marble slab, tongue toying with some pinot noir grapes, and Kane Roberts in one of those leather skirt things saying ‘Mr H, I mean, KING H, can you smell something burning?”

  • David Benear

    That is sooooo cool!I grew up with The Coop’s music in the 70s. He just gets better as time goes on. Can’t wait to see the production on Easter and looking forward to seeing you once again in Little Rock in 2018 with my kids. Paranormal is one of the BEST albums you have done to date. But, when it comes to Alice, I mean King Herod, nothing surprises me!

  • Ashley D.

    Super excited, the king of shock Rock will now play King Herod! Your amazing theatrical Talent will thrive. They are lucky they casted you! I can’t wait to see it. 💓

  • Tim Aebi

    Loved the write up – this is really going to be something! Can’t wait! You go ALICE!