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Alice Cooper Brings Nightmare Home to Phoenix, Party to Cooperstown

Alice Cooper played to a sold out crowd at Ak-Chin Pavilion in his hometown of Phoenix, AZ Saturday night.  The rare Phoenix performance marked the first time that Alice has actually performed a full show in the city in a number of years.  Alice brought the house down with an abbreviated 55 Minute set as special guest on Motley Crue’s final tour.  The show was packed with the theatrical showmanship that Alice Cooper is world famous for including goons, killing machines, monsters and of course the slithering snake.

But that wasn’t all Alice had up his sleeve on Saturday night.  Alice took his band and crew down to Alice Cooperstown in downtown Phoenix for an official after-party presented by his host station in Phoenix 100.7 KSLX.  The party was in full swing by 10:30 with about 300 people out on the patio listening to KSLX’s own Pete Cummings Band perform rock n roll classics while Alice and his band mingled and ate.  Then around 11:30 Alice’s band suddenly took over the stage and on stepped Alice Cooper himself for a surprise performance.

Alice and the band played some of his own classics as well as some covers from the “Raise The Dead” portion of the Alice’s show of the same name, where Alice pays tribute to his fallen friends Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, Keith Moon and Jim Morrison.  Included in this set were Break On Through, My Revolution, Foxy Lady, Under My Wheels, Eighteen and My Generation and School’s Out.  Alice was joined by his son Dash on the songs Under My Wheels and Eighteen.

It was a great night for Alice fans and a great night to be at Alice Cooperstown!

7 comments to Alice Cooper Brings Nightmare Home to Phoenix, Party to Cooperstown

  • carl w lucy

    Alice is and always, always puts on the best show. Been a fan for 30 some years. Hope to meet the man one day. It would be an honor.

  • Todd Kesler

    Alice Cooper you were another notch on my concerts belt thanks for the good time Saturday!

  • cindy pierson

    Seen Alice Cooper with motley cute last night a Hollywood bowl. Was just amazing. I would love to him as the main act. <3

  • Tim Aebi

    Been to Cooperstown MANY times during Spring Training, a regular stop for myself and my pals! Alice – can’t wait to say “hi” this Wednesday night at Shoreline! It’s going to rock!!


  • What an incredible night that must have been

  • Hey Coop , Mikaela Cooper Booth says Hi and still sings your songs….

  • Love Alice,His music,his shows and radio,love to meet him one day,Manchester England or at Planet Rock studios London England.