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A fundraiser to benefit Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock has been announced in Anchorage, Alaska on December 11th at Sullivan Arena.  Alice’s son Dash Cooper and his band CO-OP will be performing their own songs to raise funds for Solid Rock.  Joining them on stage to play a number of (10 to 12) songs will be Alice Cooper.  Together the guys will likely play some cover songs as well as some of Alice’s own hits, though the focus of the evening will be on Solid Rock.

There have been some questions about whether or not Alice was planning to bring in his band and ‘Raise The Dead’ show, to which Alice has responded “Unfortunately my band and my stage show will not be there.  This is really CO-OP’s event and the spotlight is on them.  Dash asked me to come up and do some songs with them to raise some money for Solid Rock.  Since I’m effectively off of tour for the holidays I said sure!  Even without all of my theatrics, it’s still going to be a lot of fun to get up and do some songs with Dash and to support Solid Rock.”


  • Dimes

    I just heard that this event has been cancelled.

  • Smiley

    So now the show is completely cancelled…

  • james

    All i have to say is, THANK-YOU TICKETMASTER FOR MY REFUND and that you enjoy the Dash cooper show

  • James

    All i have to say is, Thank-you Ticketmaster for the refund, and the Dash Cooper fans enjoy the show

  • Stubbs

    Jim I’ve been a Alice fan since 1973 and travail 1600km every time he comes to Perth West Australia I fist went to welcome to my nightmare I’ve seen every show since that’s a fan you and James are not real fans are you

  • Stubba

    Jim you where never a fan of the coop or you would not be like James just a winger fan will pay any thing to see the coop I,ve been a fan since 1973 I been to to all his concerts when he comes to Perth west Australia I travel 1600 km to see him so your no fan. See ya stubba

  • jim

    i was one of the unfortunate ones to purchase four tickets on presale.
    very disappointing to find out after the fact that it is not an Alice Cooper show. I work very hard for my money and feel as though I have been duped. my cost for tickets were 56.50 and also 10.90 in fees i would have never paid to see the event if I had known. Promoters suck and as for alice I was a fan but, you have left a sour note for not fixing the issue earlier

    • admin

      We’re working with the promoter urging a quick resolution to this issue. Unfortunately it was out of our hands. Do not worry, there WILL be refunds issued to those who are looking for them.

  • Brenda

    James, so sorry you feel this way. Alice doesn’t get to Alaska that often to perform, so I’m hoping that you will just suck it up and go to the show. I know you will be glad you did. None of us ever knows when it might be our last chance to take advantage of a great opportunity like this…

  • Hey: sounds like fun ,nite ,,,,support the cause!!!! Wish I could go but I’m in Toronto Canada cheers

  • Theron

    Alice in Alaska? A good cause, and as a fan of Alice since the beginning, I would see him if he just did an acoustic concert in golf clothes. That’s just me.

  • stubba

    jessus james you winge like a girl

  • Larry

    Admin-Thank you for the additional information and taking the time to address our concerns.

  • James

    Well i’m disappointed and want a refund, is ticketmaster going to honor this request??

  • Larry

    I happily got my tickets on presale last week. I love Alice Cooper and have wanted to see him in concert for years! I was so excited.

    And then I read this and my enthusiasm is definitely dampened to the point where I regret purchasing the tickets now. I have so many unanswered questions regarding this show. IF its Alice singing his songs with this band, I’m OK. If its his kids band and Alice only comes out for a song or two, I’m going to be upset.

    • admin

      UPDATED – **Alice is saying that he will be doing 10 to 12 songs with Dash’s band. We want to be absolutely sure that everyone understands before purchasing that this is NOT an Alice Cooper concert with theatrics and his touring band and his show. The last thing Alice wants is for anyone to be disappointed! If you are upset by this information, I would suggest you or anyone else request refunds from the promoter or the point of purchase.

    • Brenda

      Larry, please remember that this is a benefit concert for the Solid Rock Foundation in Arizona, Alice’s nonprofit organization to help needy kids. It’s a worthy cause to support, regardless of whether the whole show is Alice Cooper or not. He’s said he will be doing some songs with Dash’s band, and that is worth the price of the ticket. Alice can rock other peoples’ songs, as well as his own, because he’s an amazing singer. You will find that out when his new covers album is released next year. If you’ve never seen Alice in concert, take any opportunity to do so – even if it’s not his regular theatrical show.

  • James

    The promoter of this concert is using a arena that whole 7000 plus and knew that they could’nt fill it under Dash Cooper name, so the promoter uses Alice Cooper name to Headline show, On Alice Cooper website this isn’t so,he’s just showing up, the promoter is selling tickets at 57.00 for a bar band that plays cover songs, and Dad sings a couple of songs with him. So lets set the record straight it’s a Dash Cooper concert with special guess Alice Cooper.

  • James

    This SUCK!!, their sellin tickets under the Alice Cooper name, the ticket say Alice Cooper, making the ticket buyer think that it a Alice Cooper show, with son in the band, THE TICKETS SHOULD SAY DACH COOPER WITH SPECIAL GUESS ALICE COOPER, THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING SELLIN TICKETS UNDER THE ALICE COOPER NAME

  • Brenda

    Is Dash living in Alaska now? Solid Rock is a great cause,and for those of you who live up there, I hope that you will go and support them, as well as see a great show from some talented people!

    • admin

      No, but a promoter in Alaska offered to do a benefit show for Solid Rock and asked Dash’s band to perform. Alice was available and so of course he said yes to joining them for some songs!