Alice Cooper Concert Review | Dallas, TX

Alice Cooper performs at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas July 16, 2014. (Nathan Hunsinger/The Dallas Morning News)

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Alice Cooper… never posed as a sex symbol or took himself as seriously as the Crue. He’s always been a horror film actor posing as a rock star, wrapped in a magnificent shroud of hooks and power chords.

Still in fine voice at age 66, Cooper commanded the stage with ghoulish glee Wednesday, wielding his bloody crutch like a bayonet and stroking a live boa constrictor wrapped around his neck in “Welcome to My Nightmare.” All the other trademark props were there, too – the straitjacket, the gurney, the guillotine that chopped off his head and the henchman that threw Cooper’s decapitated gourd to the ground.

But Cooper also had timeless music to back up his theatrics, from the propulsive boogie of “Under My Wheels” to the fist-pumping adolescent blues of “I’m Eighteen.” Years from now, when nobody can remember if the Crue sang “Shout at the Devil” or “Runnin’ with The Devil,” a whole new generation of kids will be singing along to Cooper’s triumphant show-closer, “School’s Out.”

REVIEW – Wichita, KS

EXCERPT SOURCE: – Wichita Eagle
By Denise Neil

1970s rock icon Alice Cooper opens the show for Motley Crue at Intrust Bank Arena on Saturday night.

Just as entertaining as Motley Crue, though, was opening act Alice Cooper.

The 66-year-old singer put on an hourlong set of rock-theater that included multiple costume changes, a giant dancing Frankenstein and a guillotine used to “behead” the singer onstage. (He returned, head attached, for the next song.)

He took the stage in a black-and-red-striped tuxedo with tails, black makeup circling his eyes, and delivered “I’m Eighteen,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “Welcome to My Nightmare” and “Feed My Frankenstein.”

He wore a boa constrictor, a straitjacket and a bloody medical coat. The stage was decorated with scary clown faces and a stroller full of baby dolls without their bodies. The set was frightening, fascinating and funny all at once.

Cooper, who finished his set by filling the stage with bubbles and performing “School’s Out,” had an impressive band with three guitarists, including female guitarist Nita Strauss, who just joined Cooper’s band and is hard not to watch.

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REVIEW – Columbus, OH

The following is an review excerpt from the Columbus, OH show with Motley Crue and Alice Cooper!


As for Alice Cooper?  Well, what’s to say? The main is a genius, a legend and a hero who could easily coast on his laurels — but through charisma and hard work instead remains one of the most vital and exciting stage performers around. His opening set was absolutely incredible. The band was awesome, his voice was marvelous and his stage presence simply perfect. For each song he’d choose one simple prop — a cane, a sword filled with dollar bills, a straightjacket — and use it to further flesh out what’s already one of the most impressive and underrated collection of anthems in rock history.

Every wag of his finger, every step, every vocal inflection had a purpose and accomplished that purpose exactly as designed — showcasing his three guitar players, pointing out the serious social commentary underneath the ghoulish humor of his lyrics, or accentuating a drum fill. I know this sounds like a fanboy writing his first concert review (or like Alice kidnapped my child), but anybody who was there can tell you that’s exactly how well this all went down. You’d be a fool to miss out on any chance you get to see Alice Cooper live — who knows, one of these days even he may say goodbye!

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Explosions, Snakes, Rollercoasters, Beheadings: Yup, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper Came to Town |

REVIEW | Alice Cooper plays to a full house at Little River Casino

Alice Cooper

Managing Editor | Ludington Daily

SOURCE: Ludington Daily News
Author:  Steve Begnoche

MANISTEE – An audience that stood throughout at least a 90-minute, non-stop show of music/rock theater left the Alice Cooper concert Thursday night at Little River Casino Resort smiling and buzzing about what they had just experienced.

“I love my local bands, but this was so over the top,” Cathy Dalton, who maintains the Ludington Live music website that chronicles local bands’ shows, said.

Dalton and Patty Gottwald were draped in mylar ribbon from the show that, in addition to most of the Detroit born, Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame member Alice Cooper’s hits, included his trademark bits of theater.

Yes, he was draped with a boa when midway through the show he started “Welcome to My Nightmare.”

Yes, he was guillotined with the executioner then striding about the stage brandishing his cut-off head.

Yes, he was turned into Frankenstein towering over his rocking band of musicians far younger than he. Yet it was Alice who prowled and ruled the stage, though sharing the spotlight at times with the band.

Yes, the show rocked, from the opening stage-fog drenched “Hello Hooray” to the final chords of the encore, “School’s Out.”

Yes, Alice, definitely a showman, wore his trademark eye mascara and he changed costumes frequently and efficiently as he took on the different personas in the songs.

Alice traded no banter with the crowd, aside from introducing the band late in the set, until after the show which concluded with a shout out that “school’s out Michigan.” After stage bows, Alice, who for the encore had donned a Detroit Tigers jersey with “COOPER” stitched on the back, left with an exclamation of “Go Tigers!”

The hits — “I’m Eighteen,” “Billion Dollar Baby,” “Welcome to my Nightmare,” “Under My Wheels” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” — were all there and much more, including a rocking tribute to a quartet of rock stars who met untimely deaths — Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, *KEITH, (original source mistakenly put Brian) Moon.

Chris Fonnesbeck of Ludington left the show beaming.

“It was awesome,” she said. “I never had the money to see him when I was a kid. This was fabulous. The guitars were unbelievable. The drums, oh my god.”

Gottwald was just as overwhelmed. “It was so good. I had no idea,” she said after her first-ever Alice Cooper concert. “It was so cool to be up there so close I could touch the guitarists.”

The band featured Chuck Garric on bass, Tommy Henricksen, Ryan Roxie and Nita Strauss (whose long, blonde hair got a workout being whipped about her head feverishly) shared guitar duties.

After the show, while concert-goers stood in line to buy T-shirts that topped out at $40 or more, the buzz continued.

“I can’t stop smiling,” Dalton said, adding she was hanging out in hopes Cooper would come out so she could invite him to LudRock this weekend in Ludington.

Alice Cooper Preps for Motley Crue Summer Tour With String Of Michigan Solo Dates

Alice Cooper hit the ground running last night in Manistee, MI with the first of 3 solo shows to warm up before joining Motley Crue in Grand Rapids, MI for the first date on The Crue’s final romp, the “All Bad Things Must Come To An End” tour.

Last night’s sold out show marked the addition of Alice’s new guitarist Nita Strauss, who had been rehearsing with the band for a few weeks prior.  The band sounded incredibly tight and well oiled, and Nita showed the crowd why she was chosen out of many to fill this much coveted spot with Alice Cooper.  Check out some of these shots from @RealAliceCooper‘s Instagram feed!  Photos by Kyler Clark – @CerealKyler

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Today, Theory of a Deadman unleashed their punishing new track “Savages” featuring the one and only Alice Cooper. The song is the title track off their upcoming new studio album which is due out July 29 via Roadrunner Records. In an exclusive interview with a few weeks ago, frontman Tyler Connolly promised a slue of surprised guests on the record. He also stated that the album would be a much heavier outing for the band, as they slowly step outside their comfort zone. The upcoming disc is the follow-up to their 2011 effort, which debuted at #8 on the Billboard Top 200 and #1 on Top Rock Albums, Top Hard Rock Albums, and Top Alternative Albums. The band once again enlisted the services of longtime producer Howard Benson for the new record.Theory of a Deadman are set to tour later this summer into fall. They made a featured appearance at Rock On The Range 2014 back in May. Theory of a Deadman broke unto the scene in 2002 with their self-titled debut. Since then, all four of the band’s studio albums have charted in the Top 100 on Billboard. Their 2008 effort, Scars and Souvenirs, has been certified platinum. The band has toured with the likes of Mötley Crüe, Godsmack, Alter Bridge, and Black Stone Cherry. In 2011 they headlined the Carnival of Madness Tour, one of summer’s biggest touring rock festivals every year. – by Matt Bishop

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