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Vincent Damon Furnier was up to the task of breaking the brazilian lands with good old rock and roll.  Well, a little more than good old …

After all, we’re talking about Alice Cooper .

He was at the peak.  With a mix of heavy music , theater , performance , and horror (with the right to guillotines and blood on stage!), Filled theaters and concert halls wherever he went.

In Brazil, was no different. Well, it was more.  It was total insanity!

It was the first tour of South America Alice Cooper arrived on 28 March at the Guarulhos International Airport in Campinas , and then headed to Sao Paulo, where we arrived at noon in Congonhas.

The next day, a press conference turned the capital city upside down.  The artist and the band arrived an hour late because hundreds of fans followed the car of Alice San Raphael Hotel, in the center, to the interview location, a restaurant at Rua Sete de Abril. Friendly and smiling, he took Brazilian beer and said his desire was to have fun here .

On March 30, 1974 , Alice Cooper saw what was fun.  That show at the Anhembi Exhibition Hall is in history for many reasons , chief among them undoubtedly is public.  Speak in 80 thousand, 100 thousand and up to 158 thousand people! A sea of ​​people.  (AC.COM NOTE – APPARENTLY THIS SEA OF PEOPLE IS STILL A RECORD FOR AN INDOOR AUDIENCE!)

The capacity became an issue when Alice and the band came on stage. The class of the precipice ran to stand in front and there was a principle of confusion, since the personal gargling with no way out, had to climb up on stage. The police swung into action and the threat that there would be no show slowed the momentum of fans.

So Alice Cooper returned and realized epic performance. (He) Decapitated dolls, was electrocuted and guillotined, all as the script for his macabre theater of horror.  The script still had trash “Pra Frente Brazil”  in high speakers at the end of the show.  With the right chorus of the public who made ​​the Anhembi.

The “godfather of shock rock” also appeared in São Paulo two other days (March 31 and April 1) at the Palace of Conventions, also at Anhembi.  Then went to Rio and toured the Canecão (day 5) and Maracanãzinho (day 6 ).

But the show was the 30th in history.

He would return to Brazil in four other occasions, the last in 2011.

But that story is for another day… For every day is historic.


  • Francisco

    I can do nothing but regret the fact that I was born 19 years after this historic show. I only got to see Alice in 2011, during the No More Mr Nice Guy tour, but it was just perfect! Waiting for the king of shock rock to come back.

  • I kind of recall there being an entire band on the stage with Mr. Furnier, when he performed in Brazil. What was the NAME of that band?

  • Legendary Show! Please Mr. Alice, come back to Brazil! We miss you…

  • Teo

    Legendary show!! Please Mr. Alice come back to Brazil!! You miss you…

  • Bruna

    Great show, have made history, we brazilians are waiting for you to come back here Alice, hope will be soon.

  • Fábio

    “Hello, Hooray!”

    I watched the last two shows of Alice in Brazil. 2007 and 2011. I took my father. He listens to Alice since her 14 years old. In 2007, in Curitiba, we took pictures with the whole band, took photo’s daughter Alice, all our band autographed CD, s, was very cool receptivity of all. Eric Singer even asked where I had bought the shirt I was wearing Alice! It was one of the craziest days of my life, because I could make my father knew Alice Cooper.

    I’m anxious for new material and new shows here in Brazil!

  • john

    what on earth did all that mean ? !!!

  • Guys!

    Thanks for posting my text!

    Best from Brazil,